why does my computer randomly tabs out How to Fix It?

why does my computer randomly tabs out

Why does my game go black when I press Alt-Tab?

I get random black screens; This is not a “signal lost” screen or OS crash and the game is still running. I hear game sounds and the mouse moving through the menus. I watched the screen turn on and off.

This happens when I run the game in full screen (tried it with God of War and Elden Ring) or when I use the Alt key between the game and the Windows desktop.

Then, after a few days, it became so annoying that I started looking for solutions online. However, many players also face the same problem.

Then I started browsing some forums and I found some ideas on how to deal with the dark screen that appears when switching tabs.

In this article, I will present some of my ideas on how to solve this problem. You may not need to do all the fixes, just do one or more to fix the black screen when the alt tab issues.

Here are possible causes and solutions why the game or screen goes black when you press the Alt key.

Solution 1: Firewall

Using an antivirus or firewall is beneficial for your PC. However, for some strange reason, the firewall may interfere with the game, causing the screen to go black when you log out or press Alt-Tab.

This problem can be fixed by disabling the firewall or switching to gaming mode.

Fix 2: Game Display and Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor is a measurement in hertz (Hz) that indicates how often (per second) the display refreshes the image on the screen. Both refer to the number of times a still image is displayed per second, FPS refers to the content, while refresh rate refers to the video signal or display. why does my computer randomly tabs out

If you face a black screen from time to time. Or if the screen freezes a bit when you Alt-tab, you can change the refresh rate so the display doesn’t go black.

To change the display refresh rate, you can do the following:

Select display settings

why does my computer randomly tabs out

Select Advanced view just below Related Settings
why does my computer randomly tabs out
Choose the refresh rate based on your preference. You can try them one by one and see which one suits you best. The higher the refresh rate, the better.

It’s all about choosing the right refresh rate for your screen.

Solution 3: Replace display cable

The card may be damaged by your monitor screen or cable.

However, only some TVs are able to support this frame rate. Additionally, only certain games can run at 4K120.

Most gamers do not have all of these components, so the cable they currently have may suffice. If you have one of these consoles, a 4K120 compatible TV, and you want to play one of the 4K120 compatible games, but need some of the cables that come with the system, you should look into Ultra High Speed. HDMI cable. why does my computer randomly tabs out.

Computers can communicate at the maximum resolution and frame rate allowed by current HDMI specifications. If you have a powerful computer and want to connect it to a UHD TV, it’s worth investing in an Ultra High Speed or Premium certified cable, or even better, a Display Port cable. Uncertified cables may work, but it is unlikely.

This may be a problem in itself, but the display cable may be bad (possibly if you’re constantly plugging and unplugging it). A cheap new HDMI cable is the cheapest solution and a cheap indication that the problem is something else.

Solution 4: Enable/Disable V-Sync/G-Sync

“Screen scanning” or “black screening” has long been a problem when playing PC games. Let’s say you have a 60Hz monitor, capable of displaying 60 frames per second. Let’s say you’re playing a graphically intensive game with a graphics card that can only produce 50 frames per second.

This can also happen at 60 frames per second if the graphics card sends the image to the center of the monitor for drawing.

The variable refresh rate used by NVIDIA G-Sync displays adjusts based on the number of frames per second achieved during gameplay, not the other way around.

So, every time your graphics card finishes generating a frame, your monitor will display it, whether you get 60 frames per second, 55 frames per second, or less.

There will be no lag and the framerate will not drop too low. This is especially useful on screens with high refresh rates like 144Hz.

If you have a G-Sync display and a G-Sync compatible graphics card, you’ll need to do some configuration to get everything working.


2. Go to View > G-Sync Settings.

why does my computer randomly tabs out

3. Make sure “Enable G-SYNC” is checked. G-Sync is disabled by default for games running in full screen mode. You may need to select the option “Enable G-Sync for windowed and full screen modes.” This will allow G-Sync to work even when playing in windowed mode on desktop.

4. After making changes, click “Apply”.

You can enable or disable V-Sync from the graphics/display settings of the game you’re playing.
Try switching between V-Sync and G-Sync to see which setting disables the black screen issue.

Fix 5: Run in Infinite Window Mode

You can fix the black screen that appears when switching between tabs by playing in borderless window mode.
You can enable unlimited window mode in the graphics or display settings of the game you’re playing.
Alternatively, if you are playing via Steam and want to force the game to launch in borderless windowed mode, you can follow the steps

Mentioned below:

1. First open your library in the Steam app
2. Then right-click on the game’s thumbnail/title.
3. Select Properties
4. Click Set startup options
5. Copy and paste the following command line into the text box

Fix 6: Update the graphics driver

It is always better to update your graphics driver. Whether you’re using an Nvidia, AMD, or even Intel integrated GPU, updating to the latest graphics drivers can solve many of your problems.

You may be wondering, “Why is my screen going black?” » This problem can be easily solved by updating the graphics driver to the latest one.

You can easily update your graphics driver by browsing the official website or app of the respective GPU vendor.

Bonus Cheat Solution: Win+Ctrl+Shift+B

A black screen may appear when the latest version of Windows loses connectivity to the display.

The keyboard shortcut Windows Key + Shift + Ctrl + B can be used to restart the video driver and reconnect to the monitor.


By doing this process the problem of black screen will be solved. According to Hakuna Matata, although this may be scary, it does not mean that your PC is in grave danger.

If nothing works, we highly recommend that you contact your PC manufacturer’s customer service. If you buy a new graphics card and later problems start cropping up, you can try getting a replacement.

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