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Who Was Shaquille Robinson

Shaquille Robinson was a well-known American TikTok hair braider and celebrity for kids. The news broke recently after her shocking death announcement was spread across the web. The death announcement of her is now a worldwide sensation as she died in Mexico on a trip with her friends. The cause of her death remains unknown, but it is believed that she passed away from alcohol poisoning.

Who Was Shaquille Robinson? Biography & Parents

Shaquille Robinson was a popular TikTok fashion model as well as a social media celebrity. In recent times, the model has been the attention of the media for her tragic death story being revealed on social media platforms. The TikTok model was in Mexico along with her fellow models who came who were from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Mexico. Her death occurred on the 29th day of October 2022 while traveling to Mexico in 2022. She was just 25 years old. The reason behind her death may be related to alcohol poisoning.

Shaquille Robinson was the child of parents living in America. United States of America. Her father’s name is Bernard Robinson, and her mother’s name is Salamondra. There’s no information concerning her other siblings.

Shaquille was born on 27th of September 1997 in the streets in Charlotte, North Carolina. The exact date she was born and her zodiac sign are not disclosed to the general public. Additionally, she was braiding children’s hair as well as a social media influencer within her job. Similar to TikTok the celebrity has an American citizen and belongs to a mixed race. Additionally she is a member of the Christian religion.

She is 5’6 inches, which is 1.67 metres tall. She weighs about 51 kilograms, which is 112 pounds. There’s no information about her educational background.

What Happened To Shaquille Robinson?

Shaquille Robinson has been the subject of news because of her death announcement getting shared on social media platforms. Many have asked questions concerning what happened during her life Shaquille Robinson. Shaquille passed in a car accident while she was traveling with her group of friends in Mexico on the 29th of October 2022.

The video was leaked to onto the internet following Shaquille was spotted naked in her dress as well as alongside one of her closest friends, Daejhanae Jackson. In the video, Shaquille was poorly beaten by Daejhanae her friend, as her pals also enjoyed the game with Robinson and Jackson.

Parents were shocked when they learned that the shocking information that her daughter had posted was shared all over the web. There was speculation in the media that the reason she died was due to a poisoning caused by alcohol. Her parents weren’t sure whether or not this was true, when the investigation was ongoing.

Shaquille Robinson’s Dating Life

Many people were thrilled to learn about Shaquille Robinson’s relationship status following the news of her death came into the news media. Robinson was an introverted person who tried to keep her distance from the media spotlight. Thus, finding out her relationship status is not easy.

While the kids might have a boyfriend perhaps be engaged with somebody, she didn’t make mention of it on social media platforms. Robinson was focused on her work goals and not her relationship.

Net Worth & Career

Shaquille Robinson’s wealth is a lingering inquiry. But, Robinson could earn at minimum, $50k in earnings from her professional career. In addition to being a Kids Braider as well as a TikTok star and her personal details are not available. If we find any details about her background in the field or net worth in these next days,, we’ll update them.

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