Who is Zachariah Smith: Everything You Need To Learn About

Who is Zachariah Smith

Zachariah is among the things people would like to know about, particularly since Zachariah was one of the 21 finalists on American Idol. Learn the more details about Zachariah.

Zachariah Smith: Who is he?

Zachariah has been a popular American guitar player and singer. His participation on American Idol 21, a popular reality show for singers that earned him fame. Katy Perry was one of the judges together with Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Zachariah was native to Orlando, Florida showcased his enthusiasm and musical talent during the show.

Zachariah is a musician who has a an interest in music. He began singing at the age of six, and he began playing guitar at the age of aged eight. Zachariah expressed his desire to become a performer and performer in a recent interview for The Monroe Journal. Zachariah’s desire to be a contestant on American Idol started when he was 15 years old, but he opted not to take the plunge until he gained more experience. The audition took place in Nashville for the show’s upcoming season hoping to impress the celebrities who would be the judges.

Zachariah Smith comes located where?

Zachariah Smith is a talented performer who has captured the hearts of viewers of American Idol, the singing contest. Zachariah Smith is one the five contestants who are competing for a spot in the final season. Zachariah Smith hails originally from Amory, Mississippi. His devotion to his family is a hit with the viewers. He is also from the home of an other contestant Colin Stough. Zachariah Smith comes from Amory in Mississippi.

Zachariah along with Colin Stough both hail from Amory in Mississippi. Zachariah Smith, who was born in September 2003, is just 18 years old. His participation on America Idol’s 21st Season has brought him into the spotlight. Zachariah was a burger flipper prior to when appearing in American Idol, but his talents impressed judges to the point that they urged him to leave his job and pursue his musical ambitions.

Is it the wife of Zachariah?

Zachariah Smith, the American Idol contestant who is well-liked, was married to his wife just after she divorced her father who was their children. His wife, Zachariah Smith Crysta Marie is 33 and has always stood by Zachariah during his stint appearing on American Idol.

Zachariah Smith is 19 years old has been enchanting the audience with his soulful voice. He and his spouse Crysta Wilkerson, 19, was introduced to an crowd at his performance in the month of November. Zachariah and Crysta were married in September 2022. Crysta Marie is Zachariah Smith’s spouse. According to sources, she’s 32.

Zachariah Smith Has Children?

Zachariah along with Crysta are married for for a long time, yet they there are no biological children. Zachariah Smith is a devoted parent to Crysta Marie’s children and son, who come from an earlier relationship. Zachariah hasn’t revealed any details about his kids, but there are pictures that demonstrate the close relationship between them and him.

The couple opted for keeping their own personal details secret. Based on the information available the child they have named as their oldest is 10 years old as of the date of their 2023 update.

How old is Zachariah on American Idol?

Zachariah Smith is a 19-year-old contestant on the 21st “American Idol” season. He has displayed incredible talent and captured the attention of viewers by his performance. Zachariah was born from Mississippi was a chef at Bill’s Hamburgers, before applying for the show ‘American Idol’.

Zachariah even though he didn’t make the final 3 He was among the top five spots in the contest. This is a remarkable feat. Crysta is his wife, who is 32 years old who is also the restaurant’s manager was a well-known persona among the viewers during his trip. Zachariah has a relationship with the restaurant as it is her family’s business.

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