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Who Is Stephen Astorga

Alexis Avila’s newborn father is an hot subject, especially since Alexis was found to be guilty of throwing the baby.

The case was in New Mexico, a 19-year-old mother called Alexis has been sentenced for 18 months in prison because she discarded her infant.

Judge suspended sentence of two years because of concerns regarding the defendant’s mental health.

A jury found the mother guilty of child abuse, resulting in severe physical injuries after her defense attorney claimed that she didn’t intend to cause harm to her children as well as that she had a psychological illness that was not diagnosed had a role to play.

The Judge stressed the significance of luck and God’s mercy in helping save his child’s life because there was a high possibility that the child might be dead had it not been discovered in Hobbs near to the Texas border.

What do you think is Stephen Astorga the baby father of Alexis Avila?

Stephen Astorga, the father of the child thrown in the dumpster by Alexis.

He Avila initially claimed to police that she did not know who the father was of the child However, she changed her mind afterward and stated she believed that Stephen Astorga was the father.Saul was in good health when found in the scorching heat of 36 degrees. This is a testimony to his strength and resilience.

According to Stephen Astorga the father of the baby claimed that Avlia was miscarried and he believed she had stopped expecting.

The infant is currently in the care of the family of Astorga and is healthy and content.

The family is dedicated to providing a nurturing and safe environment for their infant and is grateful for the help from the local community.

Stephen Astorga Wikipedia And Age

Oscar Astorga revealed that his son, who is 17 years old, was his father. infant that was thrown in an empty dumpster in the New Mexico landfill by its teenage mother.

Stephen has no wikipedia page. He only came into the spotlight along with his family after the incident happened and his mother child was detained.

The baby of Avila was thrown in a garbage can by the mother. The mother has been charged with child violence as well as attempted murder.

Saul the baby was given the blood transfusion and oxygen prior to being taken to an Texas hospital that had an intensive care unit for neonatal babies which had been advanced. advanced.Alexis Avila was found guilty of throwing her child in the dumpster after it was captured on videotape.

According to Oscar who is the grandfather of the infant the baby, social media was utilized by the entire family at the time the incident took place. The family was not at fault and believes that users of social media are unfairly targeting them.

It is possible that the age of Avila and her apprehension of becoming a mom could have played a role in her decision not to reveal to Stephen Astorga about the pregnancy.

It is important to remember that the motives behind the actions of this woman may not be understood fully. Mental health issues might be a factor in this particular case.

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