Who Is Olivia Holzmacher? All About Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend

Olivia Holzmacher

The actress is well-known for her relationship with American football player Joe Burrow. They have been spotted with Joe Burrow on numerous occasions over the last few years. The young couple has been together for a long time since the year 2017. Olivia Holzmacher and Joe Burrow are famous for their romantic plans in recent years. Before they were recognized the couple was with her husband Joe and has always been with her, even after they gained fame.

Joe Burrow – The famous NFL Footballer

Joe is among the most well-known players across America. Joe is among the highest-ranked footballers of the 2020 NFL draft. The father of his son is ex- NFL as well as CFL player. Joe is currently in discussions after he has won numerous awards like first team All-SEC Heisman Trophy, SEC Champion, Walter Camp Award, Maxwell Award, etc.

He is performing for Cincinnati Bengal since 2020. He has been performing admirably with the Bengals and has been spending plenty of time in Cincinnati.

Her Early Life & Family

Her birth date was the 27th of April on the 27th of April 1997 in Mason, Ohio, USA. John Thomas Holzmacher is responsible as a field supervisor in AR Tech Mechanical. Her mother, Susan Britton Holzmacher, is working for the unified healthcare system located in Ohio.

The actress has 2 sisters who have two sisters, Brittany, Sara and Meghan Emily Holzmacher. Brittany has been a manager at the fitness center located in Reston, Virginia. Megan obtained her medical degree at The University of Miami and currently resides as a manager in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Her Physical Statistics

Olivia Holzmacher possesses a beautiful appearance. Her beautiful and confident appearance are the ideal match for the beautiful player Joe Burrow.

She stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs 60kg. Her hair is beautiful and brown that is perfectly matched with her brown eyes. Let’s take a look at her physical appearance stunning beauty

Know Relationship

Olivia Holzmacher and Joe Burrow began their relationship while they were both studying on Ohio State University. The year was 2017, when they started dating. After a few months, the model confirmed her relationship status on Instagram by sharing a photo.

However, after a few months, Joe was admitted to Louisiana State University while Olivia was studying in Ohio State University. However, distance cannot keep them apart. The girl often visited in the arena to cheer for Joe every now and then.

Information concerning “the Beautiful Sensation”

Olivia is an avid animal lover and loves to pet her golden doggie. She often shares photos of her dog.
The girl loves spending time at the beach..
Her connection with Joe has led to her becoming an avid fan of football. She frequently wears Joe’s shirt in the stadium to cheer on Joe.
The couple is the biggest lover of wrestling matches. She blogs about watching the matches she wrestles with Joe.
She was an athlete in volleyball during her school time.
Olivia Holzmacher is a fitness enthusiast who is a fan of her yinyleon and enjoys doing different types of workouts to keep her healthy and active.

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