Who is Masako Katsura? First Lady of Billiards

Masako Katsura

Billiards is one of the games that was once popular for its dominance by males. However, it was the nickname Masako Katsura helped women to join this world of Billiards in the 1950s. The path she took to play this sport was not an easy one however she was determined and eventually became a well-known name in the game of billiards.

Have you ever considered how she was the first to enter the spotlight despite 27 years after her demise? Well! Google is the sole source of credit who usually draw doodles of famous people, specifically people who have made a difference in the world. One such person was Masako who held an honorific title “The First Lady of Billiards.” In 2021, Google remembered her on International Women’s Day and created a doodle to honor her on her birthday, the 7th of March.

Know best way Masako Katsura spend her first life?

Masako began to show early indications of an enthusiasm for the game of Billiards at the age of just 15. The nickname she was given was ” Katsy” and she was born in Tokyo together with her siblings, a brother and three sisters..

At the age of 12 the death of her father occurred and she moved in with her elder sister who was married along with her husband-in-law. It was at this point that her destiny led her to the sport where she amazingly stunned everyone across the world.

Her Journey To Prominence

Masako began her journey into the realm of Billiards in a formal manner when she participated for the Women’s Straight Rail Championship. Following that, she received recognition and became a professional in the game of billiards.

The beginning of her life took form when the nation’s top three-cushion Billiards player Kinrey Matsuyama met Katsura in 1937. Afterwards, she began her training under his expert guidance. Katsura was previously made herself a top billiard player within Japan. Additionally, her coach’s professional advice and expertise made her Japan’s sole female professional player of Billiards.

About Success in Japan

Masako Katsura became famous in the world of billiards after she set the continuously scoring streak of 10,000 points in straight rail competition. During the game lasting four hours and half she was able to score 27 shots at a rate of more than 3 times.

What is the process of moving to Japan in America? United States?
In Tokyo, Japan, she was a child in the company of her parents. She started her billiards career in Japan and also.

In 1947, she had a meeting with an American soldier Vernon Greenleaf, an American soldier who had an 22-year military career. Greenleaf is an officer in the US Army Quartermaster Corps was completely captivated due to her beautiful appearance and the billiards game.

Problems in her Career

Masako Katsura was a truly remarkable person, gifted with talent and intelligence. She did not reach the top of tournaments in the world but her impact on women’s pool is incomparable and unmistakable. Her determination to defend herself in the face of any critique was an inspiration and admirable.

The woman was the one to revolutionize the concept of women’s involvement in professional billiards, and proved to the world that it’s feasible. Many former champions credit her with a lot of inspiration and shifted their perspectives.

Final Thoughts: Masako Katsura

On September 2nd 2002, SKY Perfect TV presented a tournament in the memory of Masako Katsura. It was called Katsura Memorial: The First Ladies Three Cushion Grand Prix. Katsura achieved excellence in her game and left a mark in the game of billiards.

The dazzling player has been an source of inspiration for women across all walks of life. She inspired women to keep going despite adversity and challenging circumstances in life.

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