Who is Liza Dino’s Husband: Read Her Biography Here!

Who is Liza Dino’s Husband

Liza Dino is a cultivated model and magnificence expo victor who hails in the Philippines. She is likewise a Philippine government delegate. They are hitched Ice Seguerra, otherwise called Aiza Seguerra, who is a notable Filipino performer, entertainer and guitarist.

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What are you Lisa Dino?

Mary Liza Dino is a prominent government member, former beauty queen and talented Filipino actress. Liza Dino-Seguerra is a Filipino actress known for her great talent and contribution in many fields. His career is marked by an unwavering commitment to the arts, an unwavering commitment to public service, and his unique personal story.

Lisa’s first project expanded into the world of film, where she worked in several acts such as “Two Timers” and “Pinay Pie”. Most notably, he starred in the independent film Compound from 2006 to 2010. The film was critically acclaimed and received numerous nominations. several important roles.

Is Liza Dino’s significant other, Ice Seguerra?

Liza Dino is hitched to Ice Seguerra, with her confidential life firmly attached to her mate, Cariza “Ice” Yamson Seguerra. Ice is a very notable Filipino performer, entertainer and guitarist in media outlets.

Previously alluded to by the name Aiza Seguerra. Ice has turned into a conspicuous individual in the realm of diversion. In 2014 they traded promises which denoted a huge and significant second for the two of them.

Their association is an illustration of fellowship and love, since Ice has uncovered his orientation way of life as transsexual in August of 2014. Through the whole interaction, Liza has been a steady wellspring of consolation and backing.

Liza Dino Age

Right now Liza Dino-Seguerra is 41 years of age. Her age shows a full life loaded up with recollections and accomplishments. With a shifted vocation that traverses public help and human expressions She has left an engraving upon the Philippines. Her acting jobs and her commitments in the realm of diversion as well as her devotion in broad daylight administration show her energetic persona.

At 42 years old Liza is a living confirmation towards the quest for her interests and the quest for self-awareness. Her devotion to her craft and her relationship alongside Ice Seguerra exhibit a daily routine that is a day to day existence experienced with aim and uprightness.

Liza Dino Bio

  • Name Mary Liza Bautista Dino
  • Date of Birth June 25, 1981
  • Age 42
  • Birthplace Quezon City, Philippines
  • Spouse Ice Seguerra (wedded 2014)
  • Children 1
  • Residence Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • In the Office August 12 2016, 2016 – June 30 2022
  • President Rodrigo Duterte
  • It was gone before by Briccio G. Santos
  • Achievement was accomplished by Tirso Cruz III

Liza Dino Family

Liza Dino, a previous marvel exhibition challenger entertainer, entertainer, and an administration official was the girl of Martin Dino and Marissa Bautista. Martin Dino, her dad was a compelling entertainer in Philippine political and campaigning. He was outstandingly the executive of the Film Improvement Gathering of the Philippines (FDCP). His profession was formed by assurance to responsibility, assurance, and the relentless commitment to equity.

In a task that expected public help, administration as well as collaboration. His work was recognized by its wide extension. Specifically, he was in the post in the division of Inside and Nearby Government, overseeing administration issues as well as being effectively engaged with The Brutality Against Wrongdoing and Defilement bunch.

His heritage was characterized by his faithful hard working attitude, a devotion to the public help, and an intense conviction openly administration. Moreover, Marissa, Liza’s mom assumed a fundamental part in her girl’s turn of events and vocation. While she isn’t also known as her better half, Marissa’s impact was crucial in framing Liza’s different character. While data about Marissa’s life is scant yet her impact on Liza’s story is clear.

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