Who is Juawana Williams? Everything that you need to know

Juawana Williams

Juawana Williams, the American Realtor who has also played a part in the reality television program Selling Tampa on Netflix. On the 15th of December 2021, Netflix premiered the first episode of Selling Tampa.

We’ll look at her life story and rise to fame after learning details about her parents, work and wealth. This article is a must to learn more about Juawana Williams’ Biography.

Know Juawana Williams’ Wiki

She is a close Christmas baby who was born to Los Angeles, California on the 24th of December of 1980. She was born into an Christian family. Her full surname of Juawana Williams’s full name is Juawana Colbert Williams. Capricorn can be her zodiac sign.

You’ll be amazed to find out that she’s been a resident of Texas, Houston, and Fayetteville and many other places. She completed her studies with Northwood University, where she received a degree in business.

Juawana Williams Life and Family

Barry Moody is Juawana Williams his father. He also works as a lawyer. Priscilla Baldwin’s position as a television producer was instrumental in helping her daughter to be featured on a cult Netflix show called ” Selling Tampa”.

One of them passed away tragically at a young age after a crash in a car. She’s got a lot of affection for all of her family members however, his grandfather was the person that she feels the closest connection to.

Juawana Williams’ ex-husband

Bryan Williams is Juawana’s former husband. In the course of she was filming the web-based series she made it clear that she was planning to get divorced from Bryan shortly. Bryan Williams was a veteran of the United States Army and also was photographer. She shared an photo with Bryan Williams five years ago.

They got married in 2016 however, two years later around 2021 they made the decision to end their marriage, and divorce. Also, she had a husband prior to Bryan but there is no information on him that is available.

Juawana Williams’s career

The younger generation spends the majority of their lives playing video games or doing other activities that aren’t worth their time, Juawana thought of kickstarting her career while she was young. Raebanns and Utahjaz . She was also an actress. Marketing specialist in the US Private Company Administration (Small Business Administration). After leaving that position she was promoted to Director of Tampa’s Pasco Economic Development Council .

See Juawana Williams Net Worth

Juawana Williams’ net worth is estimated to be $2 million by 2023. Because she’s an agent for real estate and a real estate agent, the bulk of her income is derived directly from the real estate industry. The star owns a home located in Tampa, Florida, where she lives with her family. She earns around 200k USD a month through her real estate company.

Juawana Williams makes money from many other sources, in addition to real estate, among the most popular is acting. Additionally, she earns a decent income from her employment in the film and television industries.

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