Who is Angelique Manto Boyfriend: Read Here!

Who is Angelique Manto Boyfriend

Who is Angelique’s Boyfriend? This article will give you the latest news on gossip and other details regarding her relationship with her partner. Learn about whom Angelique Manto is dating at the moment.

Angelique Who are they?

Angelique Manto is beauty queen and creator of content and Miss Universe Philippines 2023 contestant. Manto had traveled extensively throughout the contest. The organisers refused to allow Angelique to make the top 10 finalist initially, however technical issues led them to allow those who were among the best 18 take part in the long-sleeved category. Angelique was crowned the winner of the competition, earning the position in the Top 5 and eventually becoming the second runner-up.

Angelique posted a collage in Instagram showing her full style from the beginning to the final. She also thanked everyone who helped her on the way including David Guison. Angelique expressed her desire to inspire others in the same way that she has been inspired by others.

Angelique was asked in the Q&A portion of the contest about the need to stop films and TV shows that depict negatively about the Philippines negatively. Angelique stated that we need to recognize that there are positive and negative aspects to every situation and we should take lessons from them in order in order to improve the quality of our nation. She highlighted the importance of ensuring mental health and establishing safe spaces in which people can discuss their concerns.

The coronation ceremony was held during the evening of Michelle Dee’s being crowned as Miss Universe Philippines in 2023. Pauline Amelinckx, meanwhile, was named Miss Supranational Philippines for 2023. Krishnah Gravidez, meanwhile, was named Miss Charm Philippines for 2023.

Angelique Manto Boyfriend: Who is she?

David Guison is Angelique Manto’s boyfriend. David Guison is also a writer of content. He also shows his love for Angelique by assisting her in some MUPH issues. His TikTok page explains this. David and Angelique have a cute and sweet relationship that has earned them praise from their admirers. David’s support and love for Angelique is crucial to her pursuit of her goals.

Angelique Manto Boyfriend

David Guison is a content producer as well as a loving partner of Angelique. He expresses his love for her and shows his assistance by helping her out with some of the MUPH Challenges which he blogs through his Twitter Account. The two have such a lovely relationship that they might be the perfect model of supportive couples.

Angelique was an advocate for mental health even before joining MUPH. She is a tireless advocate for meaningful conversations on mental health. She has been working together with Mental Health PH to promote this cause since the year 2020.

Angelique’s long-held desire to be a part of an annual beauty pageant in the United States was not an easy task. Her application was submitted on the same day she experienced the loss of her father. In an poignant blog post posted via Instagram, Angelique shared the importance of her father’s death in the reason she chose to pursue her MUPH experience. Her most remorseful regret is that she was not able the chance to be able to express her gratitude. Angelique said she would always be a memory of her father and honor him by making good on the commitment. Her dad is surely looking over her with joy while she chases the Miss Universe dreams.

Angelique Manto Age

The age of an individual is a characteristic. People are interested in what age their favourite individuals via social networks. Angelique Manto is 26 young. Manto was born 13 August in 1997 in Philippines. Angelique Manto was a contestant for her first Miss Universe Philippines 2023 contest. She did not get to the list of Top 10 finalist list, but due to technical difficulties, she was able to continue competing in the long-dressed contest. She took the top prize and was capable of securing a place within the Top 5 Angelique ended up in the second place.

Angelique Manto Instagram

Angelique Manto is a massive Instagram follower. Angelique Manto’s fans on Instagram (179K) post photos and personal life stories. Manto also posts professional photoshoots, as events, as well as videos of a short duration. Gradually, her fame grew. Angelique Manto Instagram: @angeliquemanto (179K Followers).

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