Who is Aliza Jane? Biography and List of Works

Who is Aliza Jane?

Aliza Jane, also known as Ayyyejae is the most famous American Social media celebrity. The model was twenty-five years old as of 2023. She is also known under the names “Greek Freak” and “Ayyyejae.”

It is said that the American fashion model Aliza is famous for sharing photos of her day-to-day everyday life via Instagram. She has repeatedly received attention because of her disagreements with celebrities like Devin Booker, Kanye West as well as the Future. The hot star is an adult model and social media influencer that is popular throughout the US.

Know Her Family

Aliza is born on the 27th of May 1997 in the USA. The model on social media has not shared any information about her personal or family life. However, she enjoys spending the time she has with family just like Jelly her husband. She once revealed that her father is the head of an accounting company.

She is extremely in love with her younger sister “Alena.” The sisters shared a screen on YouTube and displayed their strong emotional connection.

Her Career and Relationships

The model is extremely concerned about her family and life. She has a tendency to keep her mouth shut entirely about the childhood she had and her early years. Only the public is aware of her education and that she graduated from college.

Aliza Jane gained fame for her role as an influencer on social media and Instagram model. She also grew her fame when she was an adult Onlyfans celebrity.

Jane’s Controversy with Kanye West

The Onlyfans’ star Aliza has made claims about her connections to Kanye West. She was on the podcast called ‘ Sofia with a F’podcast which she spoke about her experiences in life.

The gorgeous model has shared that she had a conversation with Kanye West during a visit to Miami and they swapped numbers. When they returned, West invited her to go to the studio he had built. In awe, Jane went to see the studio. However, she was approached by Kane to strip naked and dance in the presence of Kanye and his pals. There isn’t any proof that she’s in fact telling the truth.

Aliza’s Battle With seven NBA Players:

Aliza claims that she’s done romance with 7 members who are part of an NBA team The Phoenix Suns. Following this event, Aliza became pregnant with one of the NBA players, Devin Booker. The hot model’s life is full of color both on and off camera.

Aliza Jane Revealed About her New Born Daughter

The year 2023 was the one when Aliza had a great time revealing her baby’s gender following her wild night out with NBA players. While she hasn’t disclosed her name to her boyfriend, Aliza frequently posted her enthusiastic images of her the baby’s bump..

On the 13th of January, on a Friday 2023 This model became a mom when she was blessed with a daughter, Noa Meadow.

See Her Net Worth

Aliza typically earns her income as a model of adult age and an Onlyfans star. She costs 11 dollars for a membership for her exclusive videos and posts. The model also posts ads on Instagram. In the end her net worth will be about $1.3 million in 2023.

Her Physical Stats

This gorgeous and super American model showcases her renowned beautiful physique. Her body and height are perfect for her field of work. Below details about her physical traits are listed:

Her Trivia

She’s a pet lover similar to Raebanns she post photos of her pet.
Aliza Jane has had various cosmetic operations to her physique. She has spoken about Brazilian buttlifting recently to make her look appealing.
The model loves having numerous tattoos on her body.
Aliza is a lover of spending her free time with her pals and she enjoys going to different locations with them.

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