Who Is Akram Boutros, His Biography, News, Wife, Salary, Net Worth

Who Is Akram Boutros

The actor revealed in the episode of November 21: “I would like a feeling of love that is unlimited. Then, do you think? Love was present in a fresh way. I’d like to show that and also pay tribute to the person I love and who is a great friend to me.”

His parents Sheila Blair and his late father August Alsina Sr brought the musician and his four siblings to New Orleans, Louisiana. Alsina’s mother relocated the musician from Louisiana to Houston, Texas, in the hope of starting over following the devastating hurricane Katrina.

Do you know if August Alsina have a brother?

Sure, august has brothers However, one of them passed away. His elder twin brother Melvin La’Branch III, was killed in a shooting on the 31st of August in the day before August’s birthday. The musician was then more devoted towards his art.

Melvin was only 24 at the time of his death and was employed by the family-owned construction company, LaBranch Properties Inc. Melvin died around an hour after he was wounded in his head during a shooting in the eastern part of New Orleans, according to police.

The other siblings include Travis Labranch and Jamal Labranch. Travis can be seen on Instagram cooking different meals and referring his self as “Kitchen Bae” and cooks everything from beef tacos to chicken.

Get to know the family of August’s other members.

August is a brother-to-four. including his sister Netia La’Branch. As a kid, Alsina had issues with his mother and retreated from his home. The two feuds continued for a number of years, until they came back together in 2017 at the Houston concert.

On his Do’s and Don’ts matter tour on the 29th of July 2017, when the singer invited his mother to the stage and performed a song to her while they embraced in a hug, in the front of a crowd of tens of thousands.

Recently, he wished his mother a happy birthday on the 18th of July, 2022. He was also spotted with a man who many believe is the same man that he portrayed at the end the final episode of The Surreal Life episode. August told the press that he’s “so proud to be Sheila’s boy.”

The sister-in-law of August died in the year 2018

In the year 2018 August shared via the social network that he passed away one of the significant persons in his life: His sister-in law, Chandra. She was engaged to his brother Melvin and died of the disease during Christmas Day.

August then took over as the legal guardian of his nieces Chaylin 14 Amaiya 13 and Kayden Amaiya, 13, and Kayden, 11. The nieces of August are prominently featured in his documentary State of EMERGEncy: The rise of August Alsina.

The relationship between his daughters are “complex,” he admitted on The Surreal Life. He also admitted that there are times it feels like he’s failing as a parent by not letting them miss crucial aspects of their lives as he juggles his own.

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