What is Bitdonix? Is Bitdonix a Scam or a Legit? Genuine?


Could it be said that you are looking for the Bitdonix audits to figure out what is Bitdonix.com and its genuine truth, for example, either Bitdonix is trick or genuine, does Bitdonix pay or not, either Bitdonix plan of action is lawful or not, etc? Assuming this is the case, then, at that point, you are totally perfectly located in light of the fact that here, inside our Bitdonix survey, you can track down the total truth about Bitdonix.com. As a matter of fact, we have recorded Bitdonix in our Not Suggested internet based works organizations list on the grounds that Bitdonix is following the money giving plan of action, which is neither a lawful, nor a reasonable plan of action. You can find more subtleties on it inside our Bitdonix.com audit as underneath.

Alright, presently we should start with our Digit Donix audit as beneath to figure out what is Spot Donix in genuine.

What is Bitdonix.com? Foundation of Bitdonix

Bitdonix is a money giving plan which is neither a supportable, nor a legitimate plan of action. This business spins around with no genuine items, by simply giving money between the individuals. The main way you can bring in cash from this site is by making references who will actually want to pay to join this framework by giving money to you.

As you can find in the authority site of Touch Donix, they have referenced the three names as executives of Bitdonix which are OJ Jordon, Lubos Hollan and Tousif Parvez. OJ Jordan is from UK, Lubos Hallan is from Slovakia and Tousif Parvez from Abu Dhabi and according to the WHOIS subtleties, Tousif Parvez name is referenced as the space proprietor and the location of proprietor is referenced as Abu Dhabi. Along these lines, it appears site is working from Abu Dhabi. Yet, they haven’t given any careful area from where BitDonix is working from. In this way, we attempt to figure out more about the historical backdrop of the proprietors. In the wake of doing some exploration, we have figured out that OJ Jordon was advancing My24HourIncome, Post Promotion Pays, Game Plunder Organization, OneCoin, Coince, Adventure Union and Zukul Promotion Organization, etc. Jordon is by all accounts engaged with MLM just from 2016. Lubos Hollan was additionally associated with 24 Hour Pay and Tousif Parvez has engaged with ‘pay to click’ promoting through his Clix Association and Master Clix open doors. So for what reason would we say we are referencing about these locales? Since these locales which proprietors of the Bitdonix have involved are bad destinations, some of them are as of now fizzled, some of them are impractical, implies going to be flopped soon, some of them are Ponzi Plan, etc. Indeed, even you can find our detail audit on a portion of these destinations by tapping the name of those locales which are set apart with red tone.

It is currently evident that the proprietors of this organization are as of now engaged with so many Ponzi plans, bombed locales and unreasonable and unlawful organizations which is certainly not a decent sign. In addition, as we have referenced previously, the plan of action of Spot Donix is unlawful in itself. Thus, we have recorded BitDonix inside our Not Suggested locales list.

How to bring in cash from Bitdonix? – Not prescribed to work and contribute

Previously mentioned, obviously BitDonix is a money giving plan which is unlawful and can’t be support for long run. Along these lines, we don’t prescribe you to work with this organization. Notwithstanding, to figure out the insights concerning working with this organization, then, at that point, following are the subtleties.

To join and begin work with this organization you, first of all, need to pay 0.05 BTC as a gift to your support who has alluded you to participate in this program. From that point onward, to bring in cash from this organization, you need to enlist new individuals to join this organization who will actually want to pay 0.05 BTC to gift you as their support. In like that, you will acquire 0.05 BTC from each partners that you by and by selected who pay 0.05 BTC to join the framework as same as you did. They additionally have given the chance to procure from their 2×8 lattice framework, implies from the various levels of your references (level 1 method the references that you by and by enrolled and level 2 methods the references of your level 1 references, etc). For instance, in the event that you make a 0.08 BTC giving installment, you will actually want to get the gift from your each second level references when they likewise pay 0.08 BTC in the framework. Essentially, in the event that you pay 0.2 BTC, you will get 0.2 BTC from your third level references, on the off chance that you pay 0.6 BTC, you will get 0.6 BTC from your fourth level references, in the event that you pay 2 BTC, you will get 2 BTC from your fifth level references, on the off chance that you pay 3.5 BTC, you will get 3.5 BTC from your 6th level references, on the off chance that you pay 5 BTC, you will get 5 BTC from your seventh level references and in the event that you pay 6 BTC, you will get 6 BTC from your eighth level references.

In this way, you can see that there isn’t any genuine items inside an organization, it just works by giving gifts to one another individuals. That’s right, they say that you will get promoting credits for every installment you make which you can use for publicizing your different organizations or items on Bitdonix site. However, there isn’t any necessity that individuals ought to see those promotions, so it will be extremely less opportunity to get any advantages from those promotions, implies those notices administrations are simply to appear, those are pointless administrations and the entire framework works by simply playing cash inside individuals. When the market to get new individuals become immersed, then, at that point, the last one who join the framework won’t get any advantage since he/she won’t get any references to bring in any cash and will simply leave the framework which will begin to misfire the entire framework and gradually the individuals from down to up will begin to leave the framework and finally the framework will fall. This is the justification for why these sorts of business plans are likewise classified as a Fraudulent business model which won’t ever support in light of the fact that to maintain, organization ought to give a few decent items so there will be dependably a degree to get the new individuals. Without a decent item, it is difficult to make a framework practical and, surprisingly, these sorts of plans of action are as of now set apart as an unlawful organizations from concerned specialists which might have to confront a lawful activity whenever later on regardless of whether they figure out how to continue to pay and support for long run. Thus, it is smarter to avoid these sorts of organizations.


Previously mentioned, Bitdonix is a money giving business plot which is totally unreasonable and unlawful. These sorts of organizations can confront legitimate issue whenever later on. On top of that the proprietors of this organization are as of now engaged with a few unreasonable, fizzled and Ponzi plans in the past which demonstrates that they couldn’t care less if some other lose cash. Along these lines, we don’t prescribe you to work with Bitdonix and furthermore recommend you to avoid comparative sorts of Money Giving Business Plans and Fraudulent business models.

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