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Misty Loman Now

Misty Loman, a Bowling Green, Kentucky native and wife to Gary Glass Jr., had two children named Corey and Jacob; however her family life was tragically cut short due to an array of tragedies she endured later in life. At mid-40s she made headlines when her mugshots went viral online.

What caused Misty Loman’s notoriety?

Recently, Adam Bieber posted a series of mugshots on the internet which went viral. Although his intentions were good, the Wisconsin Sheriff failed to reveal all about Misty Loman’s predicament until after her images went viral. She was accused of being responsible for her own issues when Adam Bieber posted them online.

Misty Loman’s Testimony

Misty’s arrest in viral mugshots shocked people around the world. But her story wasn’t just that of a drug addict; some years earlier, Misty had hit rock bottom in her life: lost her home, car and eventually her sanity. While in prison she also suffered the tragic loss of one of her children who passed away during delivery. Even before Misty gained notoriety for her bizarre appearance, Misty already faced enormous physical and mental difficulties which culminated in an intense period when she succumbed to lupus and scleroderma.

Misty’s Perspective of Her Situation

Misty knew there was potential for recovery, yet her mental and physical state made it impossible for her to access rehabilitation programs. Chemotherapy treatments and scleroderma caused partial baldness as well as skin deterioration. In the end, Misty lost everything: her children, home, and health.

The Power of Prayer

Misty’s drug addiction spiraled out of control until she found solace in prayer. It was through this power that she saw a glimmer of hope for her future, along with daily motivation from blessings and love for God. Misty fully committed herself to divine power, seeking new directions in life; gradually she recovered her faith, set new objectives, and began working again. Misty encouraged others by saying God is always present – even during difficult times!

Final Thoughts

Faith Lianne and Raebanns are social media influencers who earn millions of dollars, but Misty Loman’s story has truly moved millions around the world. Her struggles, both physically and mentally, are truly inspirational; yet her determination to overcome addiction and overcome difficulties is truly admirable – Misty serves as a testament to never giving up.

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