Vicky White Family: Learn Her Family Details Here!

Vicky White Family

People are interested to know more about the White family of Vicky White and in particular, her husband.

Vicky White is a former Assistant Director of Corrections at the Lauderdale County Jail in Alabama.

In April, she was alleged to have assisted Casey White escape from prison for a variety of violent crimes like murder.

Vicky was greatly respected by her colleagues. She was also she was nominated for an employee of Year award multiple times. Vicky was recognized as an exceptional worker at the detention centre.

Vicky White Family Detail

Vicky is the child of JC White and Patricia Davis and has had little information released regarding her relatives.

Vicky was raised by twins who were older than her. The information on

The identity of the White brothers aren’t disclosed, since they would prefer to keep their private lives.

White was appointed assistant director of corrections for the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office after joining in 1997.

From 2015 to 2022 her peers voted her four times for supervisor or employee of the Year.Casey White was a teenager who hails from Lauderdale County, was brought to the Lauderdale County Courthouse in May 2022.

Prior to her disappearance, her and Casey White disappeared on April 29th, White sold her home and informed her colleagues she would be retiring. White also stated that she was planning to retire at the beach.

Their vehicle for transport was discovered in Florence. The woman was wanted, and a reward of money was is offered.

After a pursuit by a police officer the couple were located at Evansville, Indiana. Vicky White died from a gunshot wound she self-inflicted and Casey White is taken into custody.

Vicky White, Casey White and Kids

Vicky White married Thomas Edward “Tommy” White back in 2002. They separated due to his addiction to drugs. Vicky White did not have any children with her ex-husband or with anyone else.

Vicky White and Casey White started their relationship in the year 2020, when Casey White was in prison. They weren’t related but they did have the same name.

Vicky was a prisoner at the time. an inmate at the time had reportedly provided him with food, and the two kept in contact.

Vicky’s love affair with Casey was the reason she helped Casey escape from custody during April of 2022. This led to a investigation across several states.Vicky White was involved in a relationship in a relationship with Casey White, an inmate.

Casey White entered a guilty plea to the charge of escape in connection with The Vicky White Murder investigation. It was later dismissed.

As per the Lauderdale County District Attorney’s Office The prosecutor is now facing the possibility of life imprisonment for the charge of escape. The date for sentencing is set for June 8th.

Casey White said in court that he became enamored of Vicky White while they waited for the trial to take place in the case of Connie Ridgeway. They had a plan to escape together and begin a new life that was their own.

In the report by News 19, , Casey White apologized in court for her actions to Vicky’s mother and admitted that things didn’t take place according to plan.

Surveillance footage captured them in a police vehicle. The vehicle was abandoned in an empty parking lot just couple of miles from the site.

Casey White will also be charged with capital murder on the 14th of August on the 14th of August, 2015 in connection to the murder of Connie Ridgeway at Rogersville. On June 8th at noon, he will be sentenced for the charge of escape.

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