Reviews 2023: Scam Or Real? Find Out!

Tringio Reviews

Are you planning to buy from the Tringio brand? Are you seeking to find out if is a genuine website? Find out in this review the reason why our detection of scams discovered poor trust ratings.

About specifically is site?

Tringio located in is an online store that sells various bodysuits as well as other clothes products. They offer the items at a low-cost discount.

There are lots of warnings on this site that suggest that it’s not genuine as well as this report will show all you should be aware of about the site. Some of the conclusions made are:

The reasons you shouldn’t make purchases from

Tringio is filled with warnings that are all reasons to avoid making purchases on the site. A few examples of red flags include:

Website Creation

The website created in September 2022. It will expire in September 2023. This means that it’s easy site to erase and is the reason it’s not a trusted site.

Customer Complaints

Customers who bought from this shop have left a number of online reviews, stating that the store is fraudulent since they did not receive the products they ordered. All attempts to reach the store in order to ask for refunds failed.

Is Scam Or Legit?

From these vital aspects that were mentioned earlier, has a lot of warning indicators.

Similar to numerous websites that are scams it offers low prices to attract buyers. But when they place an order they receive a completely different item or a poor quality product but some customers are left with no product at all. This is an great example of a bait and switch scam.


There is can be no doubt is not a genuine online store. It’s taken advantage of unsuspecting buyers and has a lot of Red Flags as we have discovered within this review. Buyers should be cautious about this website. To detect fraudulent websites consumers must verify their domain time on and also for the address of the store in the event that it has with a location. Simply enter the location into Google and Google map will reveal if it’s a warehouse, or a residence.

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