Teresa Fidalgo: The Untold Story Behind the Ghost Who Haunts Social Media

Teresa Fidalgo

A lot of fake news stories are being circulated on social media platforms to exploit people’s fear. In the past there was an report about an innocent girl called Teresa Fidalgo that went viral. There is a belief her ghost haunts social media sites and curses those who choose not to tell her story.

Platforms for social media are working to do their best to fight the threat of fake information. Let’s find out more about one of these rumors about Teresa Fidalgo and the truth of it in the following article.

About Teresa Fidalgo?

The social media have been abuzz about Teresa’s story through the many years. Teresa passed away in a car crash at Sentra, Portugal in 1983 at the age of 27. She died instantly in a fatal car accident.

When we think about Teresa’s age, J 12th July 2003 just 20 years later, she died. Her legend was a hit online. Internet users start in believing Teresa has a presence on the internet. Her story is shared even with chains to protect themselves.

Who is the Author of the Story of Teresa Fidalgo?

The story was widely shared However, some doubted the authenticity of the story and began searching for the source of the story. Teresa Fidalgo appears in the Portuguese film ” A Curva” as an unrealized character. The script has been created by Portuguese content creator David Rebordao..

Rebordao along with a group of buddies went to film scenes for Teresa’s film. Then, a mysterious girl appeared in the middle of the road. That girl was the one who prompted Rebordao to make the scene in his movie “A Curva”

Teresa Fidalgo’s Myth about her Twitter, Instagram and phone number

The Teresa Fidalgo myth is far too fictitious to be real. Teresa is believed to be contacting Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram as well as various other websites for social networking. Some people took it one step further, sharing the warnings regarding Teresa’s telephone address via the Internet. If you don’t share the story once you have read it, her ghost may appear in your news feeds with the help of images and videos.

How Popular is The Story of Teresa Fidalgo?

More than 1 million users have shared Teresa Fidalgo’s pictures and story on social media. The story has been shared on a variety of social media platforms as a chained message like with other threats. Although a majority of people don’t believe in it there’s a good reason behind why this post is now to the top of the list.


While Teresa Fidalgo’s tale is real however, it has become an paranormal phenomenon and is completely fake information. The majority of people are not afraid to share information on social media.

An attitude like this can lead to the formation of these false stories. The most often, the crime stems from this mindset Take the example of Kylie Strickland or Ashley Reeves as examples. It is astonishing that many people continue to believe in fake news even in this twenty-first century is awe-inspiring. Beware of such posts at all cost.

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