Stephanie Melgoza crime scene photos: Read Details Here!

Stephanie Melgoza crime scene photos

This is the account of the woman in Illinois who chuckled after her death in an DUI accident. Read this article for more information, and be sure to check our blog for further information. Stephanie Melgoza of Illinois was sentenced on the 27th of April 2023, to 14 years’ prison time for her involvement in an DUI accident which caused in the death of two persons. Melgoza was drunk after an evening of drinking, night out drinking and driving at three times over the legal speed allowed on April 10 2022. Stephanie struck two pedestrians Andrea Rosewicz, 43 as well as Paul Prowant 55, as they crossed the street. In the video, officers inform a clearly drunk Stephania Melgoza that both victims have passed away. Melgoza chuckled when she heard the news, much to the officers in shock and dismay. In connection to the incident, she was found guilty of an aggravated DUI and recklessness that was aggravated.

Stephanie Melgoza Crime Scene Photos

A community has addressed allegations regarding Stephanie Melgoza. The newspaper reported the following: Stephanie Melgoza, at the time of her fatal crash was in the senior class of Bradley University student in East Peoria. Melgoza was intoxicated when she smashed into the victims around 10:15 am on the 10th of April 2022. Central Illinois Proud reported on Melgoza being discovered in a bag that contained marijuana pipes, marijuana and an open bottle of Tito’s vodka.

Stephanie Melgoza Arrested for leading to the death of two persons in an DUI accident

The officer who answered the call reported that he noticed alcohol odors on Melgoza. Student from Bradley University held a memorial ceremony for Andrea Rosewicz, who was killed in the crash. Students protested following the news the fact that Stephanie Melgoza could still attend her graduation ceremony regardless of the accusations against her. In the end, it was revealed the fact that Stephanie Melgoza had been blacklisted to attend the graduation ceremony despite being allowed to receive her diploma.

Kevin Sullivan, Melgoza’s lawyer told in reaction on the matter that the client was remorseful and wanted to make people aware of the dangers that come with drinking and driving. The judge Tim Cusack said that in order to prevent any future accidents, drivers who are drunk should be punished severely. Cusack said that the system is built on both rehabilitation and punishment as well as rehabilitation, and it is his duty to find an equilibrium between them. The families of both victims believed that Stephanie Melgoza served a maximum of 28 years. Families of the victims stated that Melgoza was the drunk driver found guilty in this case decided to drive drunk the following night even though she was aware of the dangers. Melgoza is required to serve around 85 percent of the sentence since she was granted credit for two days in the custody of her parents and two days in home confinement.

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