SJunkie Review – SJunkie .co Genuine? S Junkie Scam Or Legit?

SJunkie Review

Sites like SJunkie .co are scam sites. If you want to know the reason for this design goal, then you can see the details in the S Addict review below.

Why are sites like SJunkie .co so fake?

You can find different scam sites with the same working system like WeekendPayouts, SurveyJ, ItsDollar, EarnCashTo, USDEarn, USDWork, DutyTimes, CashinWork, DollarPlane, etc. However, it doesn’t matter if these attacks come from countries that are normal or not, what matters is the implementation plan of these countries, which is comparable.

In fact, none of these scams have paid anyone, and no one will in the future, because they cannot pay the money they are asking for.

They promise to pay $0.2 to $20 for each click on an external site from a site where people post their external content on sites like Facebook, the internet, Twitter, etc. However, why do they pay $0.2 to $20 for each click so that people can copy and paste their site to a link (external) and not advertise their site anywhere? They only pay 1 dollar or more for 25 to 50. ticks ? In this way, this self-certification ensures that they cannot pay anyone.

So, you might be wondering why the site pays anyone. What do they gain if they allow people to access their site for free?

Of course, when you log in and visit their website, they can earn advertising money. They can sell by selling your information such as email address, payment method and details of everything you give them. In this way, do not give your information to those places, otherwise you will lose your information, because this method will give your information to strangers and make money from it. If they have access to your card details at any time, they can hold your money until the credit card runs out.

Also, they deceive people by giving them the opportunity to pay money to cancel their statements and statements. When everyone has a fortune in the pot and people ask to be paid, they don’t say that they will finish giving and research first to get the money. However, to complete these offers and reviews, users must make payments to their personal accounts and provide additional personal information such as debit card details, bank details, etc. These tips and reviews will not be paid to those people.

If you want to explain something for those reasons, then, at this time, if it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and leave your comment below. You can report the page as an SJunkie by adding a comment below.

If it’s not too much of a problem, spread the word about these fake goals by sharing this story with your loved ones through your social media accounts.

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Also, we encourage you to check out the various articles in the “Tricks” or “Dodgy – Not Advice” sections to get more information about scams and dodgy websites. and online training.

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