Rodney James Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2023, Age, Height and More – News

Rodney James Diary of a Wimpy Kid

A young boy known as Rodney James performs in the school production “The Wizard of Oz.” He is played as Ryan Grantham in the movie version of the novel Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Rodney attempts to audition for the role of Tin Man during the casting audition, but is turned down.

Since there are too many kids involved in the game The school has started to create roles to fill the gaps. And he is now playing the Shrub.

As his primary job is to stand on the stage and not do anything however, he comes across an opportunity to sneak the game of video into his costume and begins playing to entertain himself in practice.

Archie Kelly accidentally trips over his head at some point and breaks his tooth as the actor was unable to brace himself. The result is him and other tree actors receiving authorization from school officials to cut out the arm holes.

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