website review {May 2023}: real or fake?

Are you contemplating adding decor to your home using different dining tables? Do you wish to furnish your dining space? Are you searching for inexpensive furniture on the internet? One such website can be found on website.

Our surroundings can improve our mood and boost our energy We are all keen to maintain our surroundings by incorporating furnishings, décor items and the like. To achieve this, there are numerous choices available online. Today, we will find out whether the onevx site is authentic and authentic or fake.

What is the purpose of website?

Onevx is an online shopping platform for those who appreciate home decor, according to its claims of a range of furniture sets, dining sets, distinctive sitting sets, and more across the globe, similar to the United States.

These items are offered at a price of up to 89%. the entire collection costs $69.99 The prices are affordable, but the range is unique, and a variety of colors are readily available.

Specifications of this site

  • The email support for any communication is available, i.e.,
  • The phone number for contact has not been posted on the site calling directly is not feasible.
  • Onevx has published the address of the company, i.e., 1291 Rocky Point Dr, Oceanside, CA 92056.
  • It’s that the email newsletter isn’t shared with anyone. feature.
  • The company promises a broad selection of eating sets and more.
  • At present, a large discount is being available by them to 89 percent..
  • Onevx’s Shopper reviews are not available on any website and not even on the website.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram YouTube and Twitter URLs are accessible via the URL on the website however, they all redirect to the main page of the website when you click.
  • If you are disappointed, you may make a claim for a refund or a return within 14 days from the date of receipt.
  • The site is 100% secure as it is protected by security certificates of HTTP along with SSL integration.
  • The shipping cost is based for the shipping costs of the product, i.e., $34.99.

Good things about the website

  • It includes very attractive pieces such as a dining set or sofa set, bar set, etc.
  • A huge amount of discounts are offered by the firm.

The negative aspects of this site

  • The user’s Onevx reviews aren’t displayed through the trustpilot site, social media sites or even on the site portal.
  • The cost of the products are extremely absurd, i.e., approximately $69.99.
  • The interface for users is incredibly inadequate.
  • The number is not available anywhere, making it impossible to call direct.
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts aren’t available.
  • The actual address of the company isn’t visible on the Google map therefore it appears fake.

Evidence to show that this site is fake

  • The launch date for the website is set for 27/05/2021.
  • The website is due to expire on the 27th of May 2022.
  • This website has 48.7 percent of trust scores, which is less than average.
  • The website is only securing an index of trust of 8% that isn’t looking good.
  • The customer’s feedback isn’t available on the verified website, not even on the site.
  • The social media websites are available however, none of them is active..
  • The current information on the site is fake because it is copied from another website.
  • The owner’s contact information is not available from the site.

Commonly asked questions regarding the onevx website

Is this site is fake?

If you take a look at the points above and you are sure that this site is not genuine..

Is the site a fraud?

It’s true, this website is fraudulent.

Is the site legitimate?

It’s not true, this website is not legitimate..

Is this website secure?

The answer is no, this website does appear to not have a security rating. We advise you to not purchase anything from this site.

Additional information on fraudulent websites can be located here..

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