Łukasz Witt-Michałowski Biography, Education, Age, Kids & Facts

łukasz witt-michałowski

Lukasz Witt-Michalowski is a Polish theatre director well-known for his production of famous plays like “Tangen,” “Lizystrata,” and “Last such a father.” He has accumulated an massive fan base following his return to his homeland.

In addition, he’s been acknowledged by several prominent theatre associations. From his son, to his current wife, Anna Marie Sieklucka This is everything you should learn about this handsome gentleman.

Where was Lukasz Michalowski Born?

Witt-Michalowski was born and raised in the ninth-largest city of Poland in Poland – Lublin. His family includes the father of his family, who is also an actor in his profession in the field of entertainment as well as his mother who is an entrepreneurial.

Furthermore the actor-director also has two other siblings: one of whom is a brother named Jurand Witt-Michalowski, as well as one sister named Monika Makuch. According to several reports, Lukasz is very close to his parents and his siblings. He is always certain to spend moments with them.

Michalowski’s Career Beginning

As we discussed in the previous article, Lukasz attended the Krakow National Academy of Theatre Arts as well as the Hessische Theaterakademie. As one of the outstanding students at the academy, Lukasz was awarded a scholarship by Carl zum aufgehenden Licht, an organization that is well-known.

As Witt-Michalowski always tended toward directing theater productions, he started his journey from Germany. His first work include Villguist as well as Mrozek.

Awards & Accolades Won By Michalowski

To promote Stones in Pockets (2006), Lukasz received the Audience Grand Prix as well as the Audience Angel during the Kontrapunkt Festival as well as at the 2nd Spring Theater Festival, respectively.

In addition, he won an award in The fourth National Competition for Staging Polish Contemporary Art as well as an additional prize during the 10th National Festival of Independent Theaters.

Witt-Michalowski is a major contributor to the arts and cultural. In the same way the award was presented to him by the president of Lublin. City of Lublin for two consecutive years.

Who is Witt-Michalowski Dating At Present?

The Polish theatre director hasn’t ever spoken about his relationship with a woman before the media. But that doesn’t mean that his secrets aren’t known. The Michalowski’s girlfriend is not a different person then Anna Maria Siekluka who is a well-known Polish actress.

Anna’s accomplishments are impressive she rose to fame when she was appeared in the 365 Days series at Netflix. Although the film received mixed reviews from the public, it didn’t hinder Anna’s popularity that grew in a short period of time.

Net Worth of Witt-Michalowski

According to some sources online, Lukasz Witt-Michalowski’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 and $3 million.. There isn’t information from Lukasz himself. The majority of the money is due to his income as director in the theatre business.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Lukasz

Once you’re aware of Michalowski’s private and professional life Here are some facts that are not widely than the general public.

The Polish director is active in social networks. However, he doesn’t regularly post on social media and uses it only occasionally to interact with his followers. Lukasz’s Instagram account has 2,682 followers and he follows only 24 followers.

Lukasz Witt-Michalowski is multilingual. Apart from Polish as well as English the director is proficient in Russian as well as German as well.

Summing Up

This is about Lukasz who is currently engaged to the stunning Anna of 365 Days. The director of theatre began his career in the stage by staging productions in Germany. But, he eventually moved back to his country of birth in the United States, where his work was highly praised.

He is also famous due to his girlfriend Anna along with other celebrity partners, such as Silvana Mojica, Bunnie Xo and others. Presently, Lukasz lives in Poland and loves contributing to the Polish arts and cultural.

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