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Linda Yaccarino

This story is about the woman who is involved in talks to succeed Elon as the Twitter’s next CEO. It’s the most talked-about news story on the internet currently. It is essential to go through the article and then follow us for more details. Keep reading to find out more.

What exactly is Linda Yaccarino all about? Twitter CEO

Billionaire Elon Musk recently claimed that he’d appointed a female executive to succeed him as the CEO of Twitter. As per The Wall Street Journal citing people who are familiar with the matter Musk’s preferred candidate is NBC Universal head of advertising Linda Yaccarino. Musk was Twitter’s top management in October of last year at first, did not announce his preferred choice for the job.

Linda Iaccarino: age, wealth, husband, instagram, salary, education, biography, qualifications

  1. My name is Linda Yacarino.
  2. Country: USA
  3. Age over 60
  4. Date of birth 1963
  5. Place of birth New York, USA
  6. Marital status: Married
  7. Husband Claude Peter Madrazzo
  8. Instagram @lindayacc
  9. Salary four million dollars a year
  10. Learn more about rights. TBCh
  11. Education TBH
  12. The total cost is $22 million.
  13. Parents are father Bob and mother Isabelle.
  14. Christianity

Musk revealed the information on Friday in a tweet, in which he said Musk was “excited” to share that he has appointed the new chief executive officer for Twitter. She will begin her duties in six months!” Musk did not disclose the identity of the person but stated that she’d start within six weeks. Elon will be now the executive chair and also as the CTO. Musk has stated that in the near future, he will be eating products systems and software. According to sources, Linda Yaccarino, NBC Universal’s director of advertising, is expected to be Twitter’s CEO in the near future.

Yaccarino is an advertising sales executive at the top at NBC Universal. He spoke with Musk earlier this month at an event for advertising in Miami. Yaccarino did not respond to messages seeking comment. Yaccarino was employed by the Comcast’s CMCSSA as well as NBC Universal more than a 10 years. She has been a vocal advocate of finding more effective ways to evaluate efficiency of advertisements.

Twitter became the talk of the town just a few days ago, when a number of celebrities were stripped of their blue tick off their profiles. This blue checkmark was put in place to shield well-known individuals from being hacked and to combat fake information. The verified legacy program will end and the checkmark that was verified in the past taken off on April 1. Users are asked to maintain their blue ticks on Twitter and sign to join Twitter Blue. Twitter has introduced the blue checkmark in 2009 to aid users in distinguishing between fake accounts and authentic ones. Prior to that Twitter did not require verification fees. Musk announced that, following the “blue-tick” controversy on April 30th, Twitter would allow publishers to charge per article using only one click beginning in May.

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