Juromeo.com Review: Is Juromeo Legit or Scam? Genuine?

Juromeo.com Review

With our Juromeo research, you’ll find out if Juromeo.com is a scam or legit, what Juromeo.com really is, and more to help you decide what to buy or not to buy from Juromeo. So here ends your research efforts on Juromeo.com to discover its existence.

In fact, there are so many scams for sale online these days that you really want to do your research before buying anything from an unknown or new store. So you made the right choice by reviewing Juromeo.

And what is Juromeo? Is Juromeo fake or real?

Juromeo is an online store that claims to sell very cheap jewelry, but we know this company’s weakness because we don’t comment. So now how do we know there are problems at the end?

Why don’t we recommend Juromeo?

We do not order Juromio for the following reasons:

  • Juromeo sent the fake print code to McAfee. The token is not authentic. In any case, Juromeo’s McAfee logo on its exit page does not indicate that it is giving a false signal. It also states that “Juromeo.com is completely safe” displaying the fake seal. So if a site doesn’t provide more security, it’s not a good sign, as it’s possible to access private information, such as a customer’s visa details. Buying this way on Juromeo is very risky.
  • Juromeo doesn’t seem to mention the location of the actual company, as its location on the Reach Us website is given as “MATTE Web based business CO., Restricted 48 Charlotte Road, London, also known as London, Greater Britain”. , W1T 2NS “While on the About Us website his address is given as “No. 999 Jinyu Street, Modern Jinshan District, Shanghai. Also, Juromeo’s phone number (852 5935 8201) is from Hong Kong. Anyway, is Juromeo from Shanghai or not from London or Hong Kong? It also reveals the owner’s WHOIS secret. This adds a lot. uncertainty because we cannot recommend Juromeo to buy online.
  • We also found that Juromeo’s phone number (852 5935 8201) is being used by other questionable websites like Arshirly.com. Thus, the same person works in different places.
  • Until now, there have been many complaints from Juromeo customers regarding Juromeo not delivering products advertised on its website. We know that if there are more complaints than good research, any company will object, so it is better to stay away from such a company at that time.

Now you know that Juromeo is an online store that does not provide real contact information, nor does it put a real brand of trust on its seal. And now there are many complaints. In this way, it is currently up to you if you feel the need to buy from any website that offers fake stamps, we do not recommend it in any way. With that in mind, we’ve included Juromeo in our list of unexpected places.

You should always be careful when providing your Mastercard details where you try not to give away real items and real stamps. Therefore, if you have purchased from such a country, we recommend that you contact your bank or Mastercard and follow their instructions to obtain a visa.

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