Jordan Neely Wife: Read Details Here!

Jordan Neely Wife

Jordan Neely’s wife His private life is a major concern for all because an ex- Marine killed him in an unmarked train.

Jordan Neely, 30, was a street performer who performed before. He performed on the streets in the form of Michael Jackson.

Often in the spotlight is this video that he posted in the past. In a clip posted through Twitter Neely wears an elegant leather jacket with gold embroidery and walking her moonwalk in honor of Billie Jean.

Neely also was a victim of mental illness. He was unable to be housed. Neely was also found to have a lengthy criminal history which includes 40 arrests as well as a pending assault charge.

Jordan Neely Wife: Was He Married?

Jordan Neely wasn’t married and had no spouse. Former street artist hasn’t been married, or had romantic relationships.

According to a variety of reliable sources Neely aged 30 when he died. He was homeless, and suffering from his mental health.Jordan Neely was an Michael Jackson impersonator and perform on the streets.

The issue of his marriage also came up following his death. He was killed in an unmarked train by an ex-military Marine.

Jordan was kept in a chokehold by an elongated straphanger for 15 minutes. It was filmed. The video has become popular and people are eager to learn more about Neely and her life, which is written about in the following paragraphs.

Jordan Neely family tree: Mother Christie, father Andre Zachery

Jordan Neely used to be a man who was affluent, surrounded with his mom Christie Neely and father Andre Zachery. Shawn Southerland, who murdered his mother in 2007 has left this world.

Southerland put Christie’s body into an unmarked bag and then threw it on the Henry Hudson Parkway. Jordan was also summoned to testify in Southerland’s trial for murder after he reached 18.Jordan Neely’s aunt told the court that Jordan was shocked by the death of his mother.

Christie and Shawn have been accused of having an relationship. This may be the basis for a conclusion that Jordan’s mother and father were split at the time Jordan was a kid. Jordan admitted that his mother and Shawn were in a strained relationship and would fight every day.

Neely’s murder occurred in March 2012. the perpetrator was sentenced to 30 years of prison time after being found guilty of murder. Jordan’s family and friends have expressed their grief over the death of Jordan.

Jordan Neely: Who was the man? Bio

Jordan Neely, a New Yorker aged 30 who performed on the streets, was loved in the eyes of many because of his dance moves influenced by Michael Jackson. The old video clips are being celebrated through social media.

Neely is believed to have gotten into an angry rant on the F-train that was heading north on the 1st of May 2023. A man aged 24 kept Jordan from choking for 15 minutes.Jordan Neely is a 30 year older New Yorker.

The conductor then dialed 911, and emergency services were immediately dispatched. The man was choked Neely is an Marine veteran.

The suspect Marine veteran was taken into custody and later released without any charges.

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