JoAnne Rhue Harrison: profile, age & facts (2023 updated)

JoAnne Rhue Harrison

JoAnne Rhue Harrison, a remarkable female entrepreneur in the pawn industry, serves as an example for many. Her significant other is none other than Richard Benjamin Harrison from popular TV series Pawn Stars who is renowned for his skills as a pawnbroker and has achieved significant successes during his time as an active broker.


Joanne Rhue Harrison was an incredible woman of strength, courage, and determination. Despite facing numerous obstacles and setbacks, she persevered to become a successful entrepreneur at a time when women and African Americans weren’t given the same opportunities as their male white counterparts. Through it all, Joanne made an enduring impact on both her community and beyond. In this article we’ll take you through Joanne Rhue Harrison’s early years, career journey, and legacy.

Early Years

Joanne Rhue Harrison was born on October 8, 1941 in Wilmington, North Carolina as the youngest of four children. As their youngest child, she grew up in a household that placed great value on education and hard work; Thomas and Lottie Rhue instilled perseverance and resilience into her – traits which would serve her well throughout life.

Education and Career

After graduating high school, Joanne attended North Carolina Central University where she earned a degree in mathematics in 1963. Later, she earned another master’s degree from Virginia State University, also in mathematics, 1965. Joanne started out as a math teacher but her entrepreneurial spirit eventually led her to open Harrison Personnel Agency in 1970 – providing temporary and permanent employment services to clients around Washington D.C.

Entrepreneurial Success

Joanne Harrison’s leadership of Harrison Personnel Agency saw it grow into one of the largest minority-owned employment agencies in the region, dedicated to offering equal opportunities to all job seekers regardless of race or gender. Through her agency, thousands found employment; moreover, Joanne set an example for others by encouraging diversity and inclusion throughout all levels of management at her business.

Community Involvement

Joanne was deeply engaged in her community. She served on the boards of several organizations, such as the National Urban League and D.C Chamber of Commerce; was a founding member of Black Women’s Agenda and served as its first president; additionally, Joanne belonged to National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s Clubs and National Council of Negro Women.


Joanne Rhue Harrison’s legacy lives on today. Her entrepreneurial drive, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and devotion to her community continue to motivate and inspire those around her. As a trailblazer she created opportunities for future generations of women and African Americans to realize their aspirations; her impact will be felt for years to come in both local communities as well as beyond them.


Joanne Rhue Harrison was an incredible woman who overcame great odds to achieve success as both an entrepreneur and community leader. Her legacy serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the value of perseverance, resilience, and dedication to diversity and inclusion. We can all draw strength from her example and strive to make a positive difference in the world around us.


What was Joanne Rhue Harrison’s background?

Joanne Rhue Harrison was born in Wilmington, North Carolina and was raised with a strong emphasis on education and hard work. As such, her work ethic and character have been well-developed throughout her life.

What was Joanne Rhue Harrison’s occupation?

Joanne Rhue Harrison founded Harrison Personnel Agency, one of the largest minority-owned employment agencies in Washington, D.C.’s metropolitan area.

What was Joanne Rhue Harrison’s Legacy?

Joanne Rhue Harrison left behind an inspiring legacy, marked by her entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and devotion to her community. She paved the way for future generations of women and African Americans to realize their aspirations.

What organizations was Joanne Rhue Harrison involved with?


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