Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? — (Real or Not)

Selena Gomez Pregnant

Selena is an American singer who has starred in many big screen series and captured the hearts of her fans. The reason Selena is among the most followed pages on Instagram is because of her beauty and dedicated attitude towards her career. Moreover, she is a role model for young girls to follow and achieve their dreams.

If Selena Isn’t Pregnant, What About Pregnancy Rumors?

Because of Selena Gomez’s disease, her immune system works abnormally and ends up attacking her own antibodies. Moreover, it also targets your cells and organs.

Apart from this, potent drugs and diet also play a huge role in all this. So your weight keeps fluctuating, which is why you’ve gained a few pounds lately.

Is Selena Gomez pregnant?

Another solid proof that Selena Gomez is not pregnant since she mentioned it herself! Once her friend was trying to get pregnant, and at that moment Selena realized she couldn’t have a baby. He even cried a lot.

What about Selena Gomez’s relationship rumors with Chris Evans and Aaron Dominguez?

Selena Gomez is currently not in a relationship.

Additionally, Chris Evans has confirmed his relationship with Alba Batista. Likewise, there is also no romantic angle between Selena and Aaron.

It’s just the fans who are dying to see Selena happy (and we appreciate that), but not all the handsome guys next to her are her “little daddy.”

Selena Gomez reveals her dream of starting a family
Selena Gomez is pregnant
Instagram icon Selena Gomez has made her mark in Hollywood in just a few years. She has worked on many documentaries and her exceptional balance between performance and hard work made her stand out from the crowd.

There are several questions about her, of which she is asked about her ability to be a mother. After constant Hollywood humor, fans are curious if Selena Gomez is pregnant?

Selena Gomez has been very clear in the past that she won’t let trolls and critics put her down. Despite all the hostility and disdain, he is brave. The artist’s fans are no doubt aware of his authoritative approach and his willingness to contact people when necessary.

The Wolves singer has chosen to put an end to the many rumors about her pregnancy in 2021 in the funniest and most daring way possible.

In a recent video, she appeared to have gained weight, leading some viewers to believe she was pregnant.

After learning that there was no bond she was clinging to or any of her romantic partners, fans were quite upset to find out if she was actually pregnant.

Oh the prince
People started swirling on Twitter about Salt. Another bit of humor was in the trailer for his excellent movie, “The Only Killers in the Building.” which featured Selena wearing baggy clothes and a hoodie, as seen in the teaser. Fans and the general public have started to speculate that Selena might be pregnant in real life.

It’s just an illusion of clothing, as one Twitter user tried to point out. However, the singer and there are no credible allegations confirming that she is pregnant. On top of that, neither her Instagram nor her most recent premiere photos show any indication of a pregnancy bump.

In one of her interviews, Selena Gomez gave a clarification saying in the media that she is not pregnant and all the humor is just boring predictions from people.

Selena has confirmed her bipolar disorder

She also said she may never get pregnant because of her bipolar medication. The actress recently opened up about her battle with bipolar disorder in an interview, admitting that the drugs could prevent her from having children.

She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by medical professionals, and recent news claims Selena has made an effort to “friend” the condition while realizing the negative implications her aspirations to one day be a mother might have.

It is a very important aspect of my existence. However, if I was destined to have children, I would, she added, recalling the time she visited a friend who was trying to conceive and how, after visiting her, she cried in her car because she was worried they would both get sick. Orders. The medications you need for bipolar disorder can prevent you from getting pregnant.

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