Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged: To Whom Is Her Engaged?

Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged

Kiana Valenciano has been locked in. she is locked in and is a Filipino R&B performer, vocalist and girl of Filipino renowned artist Gary Valenciano.

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Kiana Valenciano

Kiana Valenciano is a Filipino R&B craftsman and lyricist famous for her profound, close to home music. Brought into the world on the 21st of December 1992, she is an individual from a genealogical melodic heredity, being the girl of the popular Filipino music legend Gary Valenciano. Kiana was first presented on the free scene in the year 2017 and presented herself through melodies like “Circles” alongside “Does she Know.” Her particular voice and creative style immediately drew interest, which prompted an arrangement with name Tarsier Records in 2018.

In the year 2000, under Tarsier Records, she delivered her presentation EP “Dim,” which highlighted the track “Got U” which got a respectable notice in the Awit Grants. Kiana’s melodic excursion was revived with her most memorable collection of full length, “See Me,” in the year 2019, which features her ability as a vocalist lyricist. Through joint efforts and exhibitions on world fields, Kiana has set her situation in the realm of music by drawing in crowds with her profound melodies and true masterfulness.

Is Kiana Valenciano Locked in?

To be sure, Kiana Valenciano is locked in to Sandro. Kiana is the young lady of Gary Valenciano, Kiana, as of late got a wedding band as uncovered by her dad, who is steady of her on Instagram. He shared an image of him as well as Kiana and offered his euphoria and thanks for Kiana.

Gary Valenciano likewise referenced his aim of having a significant discussion with Kiana before the wedding service. He offered his genuine thanks to Kiana’s significant other, Sandro, and invited him into the family. The blissful news has drawn in the consideration of different VIPs Kiana’s wedding is an astonishing new stage in her life after her earlier relationship to Sam Concepcion.

Kiana Valenciano Sweetheart 2023

Kiana Valenciano’s accomplice is Sandro. She is the offspring of Gary Valenciano, Kiana, is in her first love with Sandro and their sentiment has hit another high point after her declaration of a commitment. This follows her past relationship with entertainer vocalist Sam Concepcion, which finished in September of this current year.

The Valenciano family has invited Sandro into their family Sandro has been invited into their family, as Gary Valenciano offered his thanks for the young fellow as well as his satisfaction to have Sandro as a their relative. Kiana’s fellowship with Sandro is a huge part in her life.

Kiana Valenciano Instagram

Kiana Valenciano’s Instagram profile, with the name @kianavee is a vivacious look at her specialty. With 649 posts, she’s acquired an enormous following of 295,000 and is effectively captivating with 1 269 records of her own. Kiana’s self-portrayal of”an “Craftsman” and the utilization of pronouns like “she/her” address her novel personality.

Her profile is “Curiouser and more inquisitive” shows her interest and inquisitive nature. Specifically, she centers around the presence for the “Stunned EP” which recommends an immediate connection to her music on YouTube. With Instagram, Instagram, Kiana Valenciano gives visual and literary woven artworks that gives her fans and adherents a private perspective on her inventive articulations and individual excursion.

Kiana Valenciano Spouse

Kiana Valenciano is at present drawn in to her life partner, Sandro. While they’re not hitched, their wedding is a significant stage in their romantic tale. Kiana is the little girl of craftsman Gary Valenciano, has effectively uncovered pictures from her day to day routine through her Instagram account in which she says that she is a meandering person. She has sent off the “Stunned EP” Kiana isn’t only known for her imaginative undertakings, yet in addition for her trustworthiness about her life overall.

Her wedding with Sandro has drawn in the consideration of the two fans and devotees who are enthusiastically anticipating refreshes on the wedding plans. The excursion of the couple from wedding to commitment is loaded up with fervor as they start another part in their lives and keep on recounting their account of adoration to the world.

Kiana Valenciano Age

Kiana Valenciano is currently in her mid 30s. Her introduction to the world date was the 21st of December 1992, and that implies that she is her age 30 as of now. This skilled Filipino R&B performer and vocalist has previously arrived at huge achievements in her melodic vocation playing out her imaginative ability and imaginative gifts to crowds in the Philippines as well as across the world. In 2018, Kiana’s abilities was seen by Tarsier Records, prompting her being endorsed to the name.

The presentation collection, “Dark,” was delivered under Tarsier Records, and it incorporated the Awit Grant designated single “Got U.” Her melodic improvement kept on developing as she delivered her introduction completely length record “See me,” in the year 2019. It contained 10 tracks composed without anyone else, exhibited her gifts as an entertainer, yet in addition as a skilled musician.

Kiana’s melodic endeavors have gone past her performance profession. She has teamed up with numerous performers, both from the Philippines and all over the planet, showing her adaptability and ability to attempt different melodic styles. Her exhibitions have driven her to significant settings, incorporating exhibitions held in New York City and a presentation that occurred in Los Angeles, California.

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