How To Tag Everyone In a WhatsApp Group At Once: A Guide

How To Tag Everyone In a Whatsapp Group At Once

WhatsApp is a renowned messaging application used by millions of users around the globe. It was introduced around 2009 before quickly gaining fame due to its user-friendliness. This article will explain how to tag everyone in an WhatsApp Group At Once, We’ll start with WhatsApp introduction first.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is free to use and lets users send messages via text images, voice messages, pictures videos, documents, and photos and other documents to fellow WhatsApp users. It uses encryption that is end-to-end meaning that messages are encrypted and only accessible only by the sender and receiver.

WhatsApp is also able to support video and voice calls, which makes it a preferred option for those looking to keep connected to family and friends in a distant location. In addition, the app offers the ability to chat in groups that lets users chat with a variety of users at the same time.

What is WhatsApp Tagging?

WhatsApp tag is an option that lets users to add other people in chats with a group making use of”@” as an alternative to the “@” symbol. If you tag someone within the group chat, they’ll be informed that they were included by the group chat.

Tags can be helpful to draw attention of someone else or directing messages to a specific individual in a chat group. For instance, if you’re planning a group trip and you want to grab everyone’s attention, tag all participants in the chat making use of the “@” symbol followed by “all”.

For tagging someone to a WhatsApp conversation, you simply use”@” followed by the “@” symbol followed by the individual’s name or number. A list of possible contacts will appear and you’ll have the option of selecting the person you would like to tag. When you’ve sent your message to the person you have tagged, they will receive a message. We’ll explain how to tag everyone in an WhatsApp Group At Once in only a few steps.

How To Tag Everyone In a WhatsApp Group At Once

Step 1. Go to the WhatsApp group chat.

Launch WhatsApp on your mobile and then go in the Group Chat, where you’d like to add everyone’s name.

2. Type in the “@” symbol

To add everyone to the group, begin typing”@” “@” symbol in the message box.

Step 3. Click”All” to open the “All” option

After entering after typing the “@” symbol, an overview of the group’s members will be displayed. Select”All. “All” option at the top of the list.

Step 4 Step 4: Type your message and send

Write your message in the same way as you normally would and click send. All members of the group will be notified that they’ve been included within the text.

Bonus tip Use the slash command

If you’d like to label all members of a group without even mentioning them in your message, use an slash-like command “/all” instead of the “@” symbol. This will notify to all members of the group without overburdening your chat by mentioning individual names.


The act of tagging all members of the WhatsApp group is helpful in grabbing the attention of all participants all at once. If you follow these steps you can add anyone in your group chat in a matter of minutes. When you’re trying organize an event for a group or announce an important event This feature will help you save time and energy.

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