How to hold weapon with both hands Elden ring updated { Nov-23 }

how to hold weapon with both hands elden ring

How do I fix the Elden Ring weapon not showing up?

I spent 10 hours playing Elden Ring. I enjoyed exploring Lime’s grave until I got into a fight and realized my sword was missing from my right hand.

I just hit it with my bare hands. So I thought about not carrying it and tried reassembling it, but the sword kept insisting on being in the correct weapon slot 1.

I assumed there might be a weapon durability mechanic I wasn’t aware of, so I used another sword, but it still wasn’t showing up on my character and I was still killing.

Okay, maybe it was an invisible bug, so I looked for an enemy to attack and succeeded. I let him hit me to seen if that would help him, but it did not work.

I still had the shield in my left hand, so I placed the sword there, which appears on the character and works well in battle. Then I decided to quit the game and restart the computer. I continued playing, but nothing changed.

how to hold weapon with both hands elden ring

I tried using the spear and shield in my right hand, but it didn’t work. I also tried putting the gun in the right cocking 2, but it didn’t work.

However, even if it is said that there is something in my right hand, my game will not solve it. This is a big deal to me because I play with swords and shields.

So I looked up my problem on the internet and it turns out I was really stupid. Many players like me who get too excited about playing Elden Ring skip the initial gameplay tutorial.

In this article I will explain why weapons do not appear in Elden Ring and how to fix it. Let’s dig deeper.

Why don’t weapons appear in Elden Ring?

The only reason it doesn’t appear in Elden Ring is because you can use pistols with pistols, non-pistols, and right-handed weapons.

So, if you don’t want to release your right hand but want to use your fist to hit the goat, you can do so by simply moving your hand.

How to fix right-handed weapons not appearing in Elden Ring?

how to hold weapon with both hands elden ring


To solve this problem you just have to do one thing.

If you’re playing Elden Ring with a controller on PC, PS, or Xbox, you can simply press the right D-pad to equip or disarm your right hand weapon.

However, if you are playing a keyboard-mouse combo game, we recommend using Shift + Mouse Wheel Up for weapons (right weapon) and Shift + Mouse Wheel Down for shields (left weapon).

After sitting in the Grace Place, your arms will sometimes become invisible.

This issue is resolved by reloading the location, such as teleporting to another Grace location, or restarting the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can’t I get legendary weapons in Elden Ring?
To get the Legendary Weapon achievement in Elden Ring, you need to store all your Legendary weapons at the Grace Site and then collect them. If you are using Steam, simply restart the game client and the achievements will appear when you open Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, how do you equip weapons?

Hold Triangle/Y and L1/LB to use two-handed weapons in Elden Ring. Holding down the Triangle/Y button in Elden Ring now brings up a small additional menu, Your Pocket, where you can assign items and change the location of weapons while this menu is open.

How many legendary weapons does the Elden Ring have?

There are nine (9) different Legendary Armaments in Elden Ring, each of which is required for the Legendary Armament achievement. Some of them are also very powerful and should be followed even if you are not looking for success.


I hope this article will help you solve your problems and quench your thirst for new things. If this method still works if your weapon doesn’t appear in Elden Ring, let your friends know as well. And check out our other articles and guides to help you through Elden Ring. Enjoy playing Elden Ring.

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