how to get to the tornado area elden ring updated { Nov 2023 }

how to get to the tornado area elden ring updated

How to get to Tornado Island in Elden Ring?

If you don’t know how to get to Tornado Island in Elden Ring, it is also known as Crumbling Farm Azula.

The fall of Farm Azula is an important plot point in Elden Ring. You’ve probably seen this area in relation to other objects or bosses and wondered how to get there.

At the end of the story, it is a must-see place. This is the final area of the game that you can only access after defeating certain bosses in Mountaintops of the Giants.

Elden Ring is full of surprises and will continue until the end of the game! There are secrets, dungeons, tombs, and tons of loot hidden in each new location you discover in this game.

Procedures to reach Tornado Island, also known as Rutuh Faroum Azula

1. Defeat the Fire Giant boss.

You’ll have to fight the main boss, the Fire Giant, in the Giant Mountain Peak area in the southeast.

He is a demanding boss. The last known survivor of the war against the Titans. The Flame Giant is a large humanoid beast with a face on its chest that can be found at Flame Peak, the top of Giant Mountain.

This is not an optional boss; To access the Giant Forge, you must defeat it. The fire demon was very scary. He had a reputation as a very dangerous and violent person.

Expect to lose 5-10 times, and if you don’t get lucky right away, study his attacks, then avoid and taunt him as he struggles to deal with you and your incredible magic. Don’t believe the hype; It’s simpler than it sounds!

2. Use the Giant Forge to execute Azula’s Farm Crumble.

After defeating the Fire Demon, proceed through the Great Chain to the Forge. Take the left path above the laboratory and go through the upper wall of the laboratory without falling.

Finally, there is a commercial site called Forge des Gentes. Sit down and choose the option to talk to Melina. He will ask you to commit a mortal sin.

If you agree to commit the Deadly Sin, a scene will play where you will burn a tree before being teleported to the destroyed Farm Azula.

On the other hand, if you are already associated with the Three Fingers then Melina will not help you achieve this.

Instead, while resting at the Giant’s Forge Blessing site, select the “Listen to the Sound of Fire” option and a new cutscene will play, but you will be sent to the same location on the farm in Azula’s ruins.

Please note that once you reach Crumbling Farm Azula, you will be stuck there until you connect to a Mercy site.

Once you sit at the Grace Point, you can immediately return to another location on the map.

Another warning: be sure to pick up the elusive Bolt of Gransax legendary weapon before it becomes inaccessible after the battle against Maliketh at the end of Farum Azula.

Another way to reach Azula’s collapsed farm at the beginning of Elden Ring

There is still a way to reach the Farum Azula ruins if you haven’t unlocked the path to Giant’s Peak.

The first door at the foot of the four bell towers of Liurniya des Lacs leads to a small part of the dilapidated Faro Azula. However, you do not have access to other areas.

What is the good way to got to Dragon Island in Elden Ring?
Dragon Island is a fantastic location in Elden Ring with tons of riches and special altars where you can learn powerful new spells. Even though this island looks quite attractive, reaching here is not easy.

It takes hard work and time to get there, and many players are curious about what it takes to get there.

Are you one of these people? Then I have the perfect guide for you. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to get to Dragon Island in Elden Ring.

How to get to Dragon Island in Elden Ring?

To access Dragon Island in Elden Ring, you must first find Grace Point in a tunnel on the ground. When you do this, you will receive a notification that the missing refill has been found. By gaining grace points you can go deeper into the cave.

As you progress through the cave, you will encounter various enemies. Since it is very dark inside the cave, we recommend that you bring a flashlight.

When you encounter these enemies, you can choose between fighting and killing them or defeating them. you have a choice. However, it is worth noting that killing these monsters will give you more runs.

After defeating all the enemies, you will enter the next cave chamber. Please note the bright golden light before continuing to this section.

This will help you summon the old knight Istvan. This knight will help you capture one of the bosses.

With the knight at your side, you have to creep up and kill all the henchmen calmly. Once you succeed, you will have to face two bosses. Because of their melee attacks, these demon leaders were difficult to defeat. Let the knight use his stats to help you defeat these fools.

After defeating both enemies, continue to the back of the room until you see a spinning pillar of white light. Don’t touch this pillar as it will take you back to the cave entrance.

Instead, continue your journey until evening. This will take you to a new tunnel. The goal here is to eliminate the enemy.

If you kill these enemies and proceed further, you will reach the entrance to Dragon Island. Yes, you read that right! This is because the cave you enter at the beginning is actually part of a network of tunnels that extend from under the sea to the island.

just that. That’s all you need to reach Dragon Island in Elden Ring. Besides being able to defeat deadly enemies, you will also discover new secret paths.


This is all about how to get to Tornado Island, also known as Dragon Island in Crumbling Farm Azula and Elden Ring. This guide will be useful for you. You can also read How to fly in Elden Ring.

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