How to Escape Every Prison in BitLife? 2023 That Work or Fake

How to Escape Every Prison in BitLife

BitLife Life Simulator is a mobile game that is gaining popularity every day. The main reason people are shifting towards BitLife from 2023 onwards is the mini-games. There are a variety of mini-games available within BitLife that will keep players addicted for long hours.

There’s a mini-game that requires players to break out of every prison in BitLife. If you’ve played BitLife will know the difficulty of trying to escape from prison in the game. That’s the reason why a large number of players are asking lots of questions regarding BitLife prisoners escape.

Three types of prisons that are available in BitLife -Minimum, Medium and Maximum. It is important to note that each prison map differs. If you’re in a medium or minimal prisons in BitLife you are able to get out, however if you’re stuck in a maximum prison, you’ll have to put in a considerable effort to get out from.

BitLife: How to Escape Every Prison (Min, Med & Maximum Jail Layouts)

As in the real world, you have to commit a crime for your to go for a prison sentence in BitLife. If you are found guilty of a crime that is a crime, you’ll be fired from your current position and transferred to Prison. In addition, there are some jobs you can do be a prisoner of, however they pay no pay.

BitLife: How To Escape From Every Prison

It is a fact that breaking out of the security prison of BitLife isn’t easy, but there are some tricks and tricks that will help make it possible to escape from prison in no minutes. Before you attempt to get out of BitLife prison, I will say that the guard will move twice each time you move.

The flaw that this guard has is that he is the only one who walks horizontally. If he continues to do exactly the same thing, we’ll need to guard the cop from walls within the prison. In spite of the fact that you’re in the presence of police officers, you will be able to move to the left or right since he’ll move horizontally first.

If a wall was to be built that is above him afterward the wall could be used to catch you as the only way to move is horizontally. This isn’t the only, but most effective method of escape from jail in BitLife. In addition to this there is also an cheat sheet for each of the map layout and an instructional video that explains how to use it in the simplest method possible.

BitLife: How To Get Every Ribbon

In BitLife there are many ribbons which require you to be released from prison to get them. The ribbons that require you to be safe from the prison are Cunning, Deadly, Houdini, Scandalous and Jailbird.

Jailbird Ribbon

To earn Jailbird Ribbon in BitLife, you just need to go to jail and then escape three or four times. When you’re done with that, go back to your cell and get older until you start to croak. When you’re done, you’ll receive an award called the Jailbird Ribbon.

Houdini Ribbon

Like Jailbird Ribbon, you will be required to enter the prison and escape several times. After this, you’ll need to increase your level and get to the 60s. Once you’ve done all of these, you’ll have to steal houses and then be charged with the robbery. This will send you to jail, and then you’ll need to be released from the prison without sounding an alarm.

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