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harvard westlake student death

The stories about Harvard Westlake School has been all on the internet. The suicides that took place at Harvard Westlake was extremely worrying for the general public. Everybody wants to know what caused the suicides. The incident wasn’t just worrying the families of students as well as the residents who live nearby. Everybody wants to understand what exactly the motive is, and also to know that everyone is looking on the internet to learn more about the situation. Let’s go on with this post and learn more about this subject.

Who was Jonah Anschell?

The campus is located in Los Angeles, California, there are two campuses of the coed Harvard-Westlake School, a university preparatory school that enrolls around 1600 students in the grades 7 through 12. The school aims to be an inclusive and diverse community that is bound by a common commitment to academic excellence and moral living, learning, as well as a greater objective. In 1991, the school was formed through the merger of two previous institutions, Westlake School for Girls and Harvard School. Westlake School for Girls was founded in 1904 and Harvard School, a military boarding school, was created in the year 1900.

Harvard Westlake Suicide 2023


A student took his own life in a tragic incident that was widely covered across the school, leaving students feeling extremely worried and anxious. Both children and parents are eager to know more about the current situation because, according to several sources, an incident similar to this was reported in the year 2017. The death one student took suicide on 19 April 2023 is under investigation by a team of investigators from the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, California. Although the identity of the deceased student is not known The reports indicate it is the 2nd student’s suicide at the school in this year.

Jonah Anschell Student Death And Obituary


In the case of the present investigation the school has decided to hold off making a formal announcement. The school’s community and beyond is deeply disturbed by this shocking information. It is a tragic loss for the families of the victims and the wider community, stated an individual on social media who claimed to be an alumni of the school. They also voiced their grievances. Although the specifics of the incident aren’t yet clear, the incident serves as a reminder the importance of support for mental health and understanding, especially among young people. If you are in need of support and guidance it is recommended to call you can call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 988 is available 24 every day. But, the emergency counseling hotline is 1-888-NYCWELL for residents of New York City.

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