Review: Giconshop Legit or Scam? Genuine? Review

Is Scam or Real? You came here to find the answer, didn’t you?

No, we don’t think Giconshop is a real online store. If you want to know why we think Giconshop is definitely not a reliable store, you can keep browsing this Giconshop because we have a good idea why we don’t recommend it. Buy something from the Giconshop online store in this Giconshop survey.

We do not recommend Giconshop for the following reasons:

  • Giconshop lists its name and address as “Limited to 617, Crown House North Round Street, London, United Kingdom, NW10 7PN” on its “Contact” and “Terms and Conditions” pages. Recently, this is an important warning because under Qandies Restricted, you can find dangerous sites like Regocy, Ladishoes, Liliess, Hinschic, BusesShop, Rosynova, Tomtop, Chichoo, AdvStuff.Store, Zodiac.Shop, etc.
  • Every site that Qandies Restricted works with has had customers complain about not delivering on time and nothing seems to change except that the delivery is worse than what they advertise on their website. We understand that every organization has complaints. If possible, we should avoid this type of organization if the number of complaints exceeds the number of positive comments. All sites managed by Qandies Restricted have many complaints and not many or even neutral positive reviews.
  • Customers who have connected through Qandies Restricted have found the customer service of many local websites to be terrible and certainly challenging, making money from Qandies Restricted jobs is very difficult.
  • The Giconshop site is poorly thought out, which seems to have many local methods, for example, the title of their site is the biggest news; There is a backlog of versions published by other technical fields; The content of the pattern is taken from the images of the items entered into Gikonshop’s online database, which is often done fraudulently, because the images of the items are not unique and duplicates are saved from different places without your permission. Many of the images that appear on the Giconshop website are duplicates that do not look like original images; Giconshop will not link your site properly because your information and money can be taken if you store it on Giconshop.

We do not recommend Giconshop for the above reasons. I marked Giconshop in the list of destinations not yet recommended. I would like to scan your Giconshop, keep sending your message if it’s not too much trouble.

Also, if you have something to report about scams posted online, you can comment below. Once you have informed your university, they can help you identify many other methods here.

It is also better to share this message with friends and family in a virtual entertainment system so that the person’s shelf can discover the truth about online tools like Giconshop. It helps them learn about the types of online comparison shops.

In fact, many people fall for online store scams because most of the online stores offer very cheap items. Also, Giconshop offers huge discounts on various items on the Giconshop website. In this way, many people fall into the trap of cheap deals online. Also, withhold instead of give. If you see something too big to see, you should know it’s not right. That way, when you download attractive and cheaper plans, you won’t fall into the trap of sycophants. In general, you should know that it is based on terrible facts from the Internet.

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