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Are you a food lover looking for a new culinary adventure? If you’re planning a trip to Glasgow, or you’re already here, then you’re in for a treat! Glasgow is home to some of the best food and drink spots in the UK, and the city is a foodie’s paradise.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Foodie Explorers – a Glasgow-based food and travel blog that will help you navigate the best food spots in the city. From classic Scottish dishes to global cuisine, Foodie Explorers has it all covered. So let’s dive in!

  1. Who are Foodie Explorers?

Foodie Explorers is a food and travel blog created by two Glasgow-based food lovers – Emma Mykytyn and Mark Boyle. The blog was founded in 2011 and has since become a go-to resource for foodies in Glasgow and beyond.

Emma and Mark are passionate about exploring the local food scene, trying new dishes and sharing their experiences with their readers. Their aim is to inspire people to get out and explore the food and drink scene in Glasgow, whether you’re a local or a visitor.

  1. What can you expect from Foodie Explorers?

Foodie Explorers covers a wide range of food and drink-related topics, from restaurant reviews to recipes, food festivals and events, and travel guides. Here are some of the features you can expect from the blog:

  • Restaurant reviews: Foodie Explorers visit and review local restaurants, cafes and bars to help you discover new food spots in the city. They cover a wide range of cuisines, from traditional Scottish dishes to global cuisine.
  • Recipes: Foodie Explorers also shares their own recipes, inspired by their travels and local ingredients. From hearty soups to sweet treats, their recipes are easy to follow and always delicious.
  • Food events and festivals: Glasgow is home to a vibrant food and drink scene, with many events and festivals taking place throughout the year. Foodie Explorers covers all the latest food-related events, from street food markets to beer festivals.
  • Travel guides: If you’re planning a trip to Glasgow, Foodie Explorers has you covered. They share their top tips for exploring the city’s food scene, from the best restaurants to hidden gems.
  1. What sets Foodie Explorers apart?

What sets Foodie Explorers apart from other food blogs is their local knowledge and passion for Glasgow’s food scene. Emma and Mark are both locals, and they know the city’s food scene inside out.

They also have a keen eye for detail, and their reviews are always honest and informative. They don’t just focus on the food – they also consider the atmosphere, service and overall experience.

  1. How can Foodie Explorers help your business?

If you’re a restaurant owner or food business in Glasgow, Foodie Explorers can help you reach a wider audience. Their reviews are highly regarded, and their readers trust their recommendations.

Foodie Explorers offers a range of partnership opportunities, from sponsored posts to social media collaborations. By working with Foodie Explorers, you can tap into their loyal and engaged audience and showcase your business to a wider audience.


If you’re a food lover in Glasgow, or you’re planning a trip to the city, then make sure to check out Foodie Explorers. With their local knowledge and passion for the food scene, they’re the ultimate guide to Glasgow’s culinary delights. From restaurant reviews to travel guides and recipes, Foodie Explorers has it all covered.

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