Ferbuer Review: Ferbuer Genuine Or Another Scam?

Ferbuer Review

You should be here to find out if Ferbuer .com is a scam or a real online store, right? If you accept that this is the case then you are in the right place because by researching Pacigeo/Ferbuer you will find the whole truth to have an accurate opinion if it is a Ferbuer scam or a reliable one is.

Ferbuer/Pacigeo is a scam site for the following reasons:

Names of special areas and places:

Their website name “Pacigeo” does not match their domain name, which is very strange. Scammers often do this to create more sites for less, so they can control the time and create a new site with the same title and name.

More about the group:

Ferbuer changed the name of its parent company to Container Estrella GmbH. You should understand that there are many online stores with similar names and address like CutearyShop, Sheoun, Delishk, Masktell, Mhrtss, Januaryest, Digitacg, Juzezo, Houtesa, Modieo etc. In this sense, this reason is enough to stay away from the online store.

Download content:

Lots of hidden content and the web structure is linked to different pages. The building is usually made of acceptable, non-adhesive materials.

No fun online:

Ferbuer has given no sign of online entertainment related to his sports team or websites. In many cases, genuine online stores provide greeting cards on their websites and business related sections or websites.


For the reasons explained above, we believe that Ferbuer/Pacigeo is a scam site. However, if you know more about this organization, please help us by using the section below. We will listen to you and help you avoid online scams.

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