Faith Lianne: Age, Photo, News, Biography & Birthday

Faith Lianne

InterFaith Lianne has become a well-known personality on social media platforms such as Instagram due to her stunning videos and lifestyle posts recently. Hailing from the US, this well-known personality has gained notoriety among young people like Utahjaz and Raebanns. In addition to creating content, Lianne also acts as a model, entrepreneur, and star of Onlyfans.

Faith, the Internet Star, has amassed an enthusiastic following for her risque content. In this blog we will dive deep into Faith’s life story and give you all of the important details.

Who are you, Faith Lianne?

Faith is a renowned young American social media influencer known for her captivating video clips on various networks.

Due to her success, Faith has collaborated with numerous agencies and brands. However, some speculate that her success at such a young age could be due to jealousy over other people.

Her Age and Family

This wealthy youngster was born on December 26th, 2002 to a Christian family in Florida, US. To protect the privacy of her parents, she has not revealed their names. According to available information, the father is a military officer while her mom works as a homemaker.

Faith’s brother Anthony Lianne has been an invaluable support throughout her career, serving as both her boss and biggest admirer. From the beginning to today, Anthony has been her biggest cheerleader and inspiration.

The star of Onlyfans is currently in Florida, US to pursue her professional career. She enjoys gaming and uses top-of-the-line consoles when streaming.

Her Hobbies and Favorite Things

Lianne loves modeling and has chosen it as her profession. In addition to modeling, she enjoys dancing, swimming and music. Like many young ladies she enjoys shopping too; some of her top brands include Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Nike, Levi Strauss & Co and Louis Vuitton.

Are you and Faith Lianne in Any Relationship?

Faith hasn’t revealed any details about her private life. She also remained silent regarding her relationship situation. However, according to Faith’s personal social media profiles, she is still unmarried and single.

Her Physical Stats

The Instagram model is extremely popular by her followers for her beautiful body. She is keen on staying in shape and is a regular exerciser as well as a healthy eating plan. The star regularly workouts to keep herself in shape and stay active.

Her Career

Faith Lianne woes to Instagram for the successes she has achieved up to now in her professional career. The supermodel first started with her first job as an Instagram model but then grew into an influencer. She started the current Instagram profile in July of 2016and first uploaded her photo on 17th March 2020.

Unbelievable Truth About Faith Lianne

Faith was hesitant to continue her studies and was later an All-Fans star. Her parents initially were not happy with this choice. They even drove her from the house. Her brother Anthony was there to help Faith. The result is now proudly supporting her parent’s financial needs.


Faith is a lover of luxury vehicles and other brands of gadgets. Faith is currently using the iPhone 13 as her primary device.
The actress loves traveling to hills, beaches, as well as other landscapes during her spare time.
In her spare time, this child likes to visit the casino to test her luck.

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