Enhypen Members Age: Profile, Facts, News, Birthdays, Positions

enhypen members age

As we mentioned in the past, ENHYPEN is a South Korean boy band made up of seven members namely Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Niki, Heeseung, Sunghoon and Sunoo. For those who aren’t aware the group has a partnership between CJ ENM and Hybe Corporation.

EnHYPEN’s name ENHYPEN is a rhyme of Hyphen and hyphens. As hyphens link words, members have come together to join forces and explore ways to reach new levels in the realm of music.

1. Know About Yang Jung-won (Jungwon)

Jungwon It is the stage title for Yang Jung-won. He is the head of ENHPYEN. Yang Jung-won is an 18-year-old South Korean dancer and singer born on 9th February 9th February . He was also an former Taekwondo competitor and is very well-known among all his followers. Because he was born in February, his zodiac sign is Aquaris and the emoji that represents him and the representative emoji Cat .

2. Who is Park Jong-seong (Jay)

Jay or Jay Park is a Korean American singer and rapper, born on April 20 2001 . He relocated to Korea when he was nine years old. He’s a professional dancer. The popular singer was a participant on I-LAND for more than two years. He was then selected as the 2nd member of ENHYPEN with the highest number of of ENHYPEN with the highest number of. The ENHYPEN leader has the most votes. Zodiac sign and emoji representing his of ENHYPEN are Taurus and Eagle respectively.

3. Know About Shim Jae-yoon (Jake)

The third player of ENHYPEN that was picked at the end of I-LAND. The real title of his name is Jake Shim He is also a South Korean and Australian rapper as part of Belift Lab. Belift Lab company. Jake was born on 15 November 2002 and his zodiac sign Scorpio . In addition, his emoji of choice is one of Dog .

4. Who is Nishimura Riki (Ni-Ki)

Ni-Ki is the newest in the group of ENHYPEN and he was born on December 9 the 9th of December, 2005 . He was born in Okayama It is also the sole Japanese A member of the group. The well-known performer is Sagittarius and the emoji that represents him is Leopard .

5. Facts About Lee Hee-seung (Heeseung)

Heeseung The first time he was announced was in June of 2020, as his fifth membership in ENHYPEN. He is an ENHYPEN member. Korean all-rounder, and the lead singer of the group. The band’s central figure born on 15th October 2001 . He is Libra And his representative emoji Deer that he puts to conclude tweets. He uses it at the end of all.

6. Park Sung-hoon (Sunghoon)

Sunghoon It is also the stage name for Park Sung-hoon, the stage name of. The most attractive and charming member of the group. was born on 8th December 2002 . If Heeseung is ENHYPEN’s voice, then Sungwoon is the frontman of the group. The Sun sign of Sungwoon is Saggitarius and is referred to by Penguin as his emoji representative.

7. See Kim Sun-woo (Sunoo)

Sunoo is the newest one of the members from ENHYPEN and was selected by the show’s producers after he has completed the training program for 10 months. His birth date is June 24, 2003 The word “a” is used to describe a Cancerian . A popular dancer, singer and performer portray himself through Fox Emojis and he is popularly known as the nickname Kim Oosun .

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