elden ring connection error when summoned updated { nov 2023 }

elden ring connection error when summoned

Elden Ring multiplayer co-op connection error

Issues like connection errors and network status failure prevent players from fully enjoying the multiplayer experience in Elden Ring. When summoned, Elden Ring’s connection issues are excruciating, preventing players from joining or inviting other Corrupted Warriors to their realm.

Following this success, the action RPG received good reviews from critics around the world.

We’ll look into the explanation and find out why players are experiencing co-op issues in Elden Ring.

3 Alden Ring Connection Errors You Can Fix

Alden Ring connection error when calling on PC

Disable/Enable Voice Chat

Although there is still a lot of time, you can try it. Some players have found that disabling or enabling in-game audio chat helps alleviate Elden Ring connection difficulties. Now for the voice chat option to be available in the game, you will have to play online.

When you’re online, you’ll find a voice chat option in the Network tab of the Settings menu. Turn voice chat off or on and see if there is a difference.

slow internet connection

Your internet connection can be one of the main causes of Alden Ring connection error. Even if you have a very stable internet connection, lag spikes may cause you or your friends to start the game with an error. Troubleshooting your connection is the next step.

If your mobile internet connection is stable or you have other ISP options, try playing with it. Some ISPs are also more prone to this error than others. Therefore, changing your ISP is the first thing to do to isolate the problem.

Use the Farcalling Finger Remedy twice.

Using the Furcalling Finger potion twice will reset the summoning system and deactivate the golden summoning symbol. If this happens and the message “Can’t call colleague” appears, try calling again; it should work.

Check Server: Server Error

More than anything, it’s possible that the real problem with Elden Ring is “A connection error occurred”. Return to Your World” may be due to server issues. The game regularly receives over one million players across all platforms.

This may overload the server and disconnect the connection. If the servers are down, your only option is to try again, play when there are fewer players, and wait for a permanent fix from FromSoftware.

Elden ring connection error during attack

check your Internet connection

elden ring connection error when summoned

If you frequently experience connection problems with Alden Ring during calls or attacks, contact your Internet service provider. Check your results after taking the speed test on this site. If your ping is above 100 milliseconds and your upload and download speed is insufficient, try increasing your internet speed first.

This limits your connection options and allows you to join player worlds with an “open” NAT. For more information, visit the official Xbox support channel and find the troubleshooting page.

restart game

I would recommend the oldest trick in the book: nothing more than restarting the base game. Whether you’re playing on console or PC, restarting can help you reset your Elden Ring multiplayer servers and restart them. This action-packed title is played by hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously, so it’s no surprise that online slots fill up quickly.

So, exit the game and restart it to check if you can join the call again. After collecting the Elden Ring, you should be able to successfully join other players’ sessions. If this doesn’t help you resolve the issue, move on to the next possible solution.

Elden Ring connection error returns to your world

elden ring connection error when summoned

If possible, avoid cross-platform multiplayer

It may seem intimidating, but more and more people are joining Elden Ring multiplayer because they are all using the same hardware. The game’s development team is working hard right now, trying to fix the game’s major issues and make the RPG experience as entertaining as any other.

Until then, you’ll have to put up with some of these annoyances, especially if you avoid cross-platform multiplayer. Play with friends on the same platform for best results. Users in the Elden Ring community seem to agree that using the same hardware generally solves most multiplayer problems, although this is only part of the overall error resolution problem.

If you only want to play with strangers and foreign acquaintances, this solution may not be relevant for you.

Use a VPN service.

This is simply an internet-related issue that occurs when a consistent connection to the in-game internet cannot be established. The problem may be related to your IP address or location. Therefore, in cases like this, it is advisable to experiment with a Virtual Protocol Network, or better yet, a VPN, to see if it helps resolve the issue.

There is an abundance of commercial and free VPN software available on the Internet. If you don’t already have a paid program for this purpose, we introduce ProtonVPN as a high-quality free VPN that allows you to surf anonymously by changing your IP address.

However, in this case, it is not the privacy improvements that concern us, but rather how the app tries to connect to Elden Ring from another location to see if the issue is resolved. Since Iceland, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, and Canada are considered to be good multiplayer gaming servers, it can be beneficial to connect to one of them using a VPN.

After connecting to any foreign country through your VPN, try playing multiplayer games as usual to see if the Elden Ring error issue still exists, especially during Invasion and other PVP settings. If you haven’t struck gold yet, there are some other ideas to try that may help in your efforts.

Use your multiplayer password

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend using a multiplayer password to avoid login issues in Elden Ring. This is one of the many gameplay mechanics in Elden Ring that encourages cooperative play and makes it easier for you to find friends to join you in the dynamic world of The Lands Between.

Attack someone to check if the server is down

The error “Elden Ring is having a connection problem” appears when you try to ask someone to help you fight a boss or join another player as an ally in the arena. It’s not often you bring an invader into your neighborhood or when you invade someone else’s neighborhood.

This means that Elden Ring’s multiplayer PvP feature lasts longer than the Echo feature. In this case, you can use the red stat to check if server downtime is preventing you from randomly summoning tainted warriors or companions.

This unusual multiplayer item looks like red stripes that you can scatter around the Elden Ring so that other players in its world can interact with them. The idea is to immerse yourself in the attack, whether you’re the target or fighting other Tarnishes.

This will help us understand the error problems occurring in Alden Ring and bring us closer to fixing the problem. If you’ve tried every other possible solution on this list and nothing works, it’s likely that Elden Ring’s multiplayer servers are down at the moment. Keep an eye on the title’s official Twitter account for the latest information.

If the server goes down for maintenance, you will not be able to play online. In such a situation, you will have to wait for the return of Elden Ring multiplayer.


You can try all the solutions we proposed for this problem; However, the root cause of Alden Ring connection error may be server issues. This problem should subside as more players continue to leave the game over the next few days and the load on the servers decreases, or if FromSoft upgrades the servers to accommodate more Tarnish at once. Meanwhile, we were traveling alone.

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