Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend: {April 2023} Should Know First

Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend

Dave Portnoy’s status as a couple was kept secret for quite a while. However, now it’s known that his girlfriend is beautiful, Silvana Mojica. American journalists and other social media stars have been silent about his relationship to the media.

Perhaps it’s because of privacy issues that led him to hidden his private life from the paparazzi. It could also be because of the scandal in which he became involved.

Is Dave Portnoy’s latest Girlfriend? Silvana Mojica

Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend of recent “Silvana Mojica” is an Colombian Model and TikTok celebrity. She is the beautiful beauty sensation in town. The woman, who is 28 years old model is being discussed because of her distinctive style and her beauty.

In addition to being a gorgeous model, Silvana has also been featured in the cover of a variety of magazines in recent years. Silvana is committed to their modeling careers that has brought her fame and attention. Silvana has an impressive portfolio of work that she’s earned through working with various brands.

Her Early Years

As many stars, Silvana Mojica is also extremely secretive about her private life. Therefore, not much is revealed about her childhood life or even her family.

The glam model was born on the 8 April, 1995 at Colombia, South America. The names of her parents is not known however it has been revealed that she has mixed ethnicity. The one of her siblings name is Valeria Mojica.

What Happened When Dave and Silvana Have a Meeting?

In the early months of March 2022, Dave as well as Silvana were noticed as a couple during a trip to Miami. Since then, the rumors about their relationship was already circulating among their fans. The story is that they went out for a night at the Miami restaurant Komodo which is located within the Brickell neighborhood in Magic City.

Later, Silvana posted the photos to her social media accounts , which confirmed that the couple has been together for a long period of time.

Her previous relationships

Before her affair to Dave Portnoy, this sensuous beauty was involved in a private romance to Connor McKenzie. She would post pictures of him via her Facebook and Twitter profiles.

What is the age difference between the Couple?

The couple that dominated the show showed that age shouldn’t be a barrier for true love. Dave is more than 20 years older than his wife Mojica.

Are you married? Dave Portnoy Married?

The year 2009 was the time that Dave Portnoy was married to Renee Satterthwaiten.. They were introduced at a bar in Boston around 2005 which was the year Dave worked for Yankee Group. In the eight years following marriage , in the year 2017 they separated.

Following the split from Dave and Renee He declared his love for trainer Jordyn Hamilton. However, their relationship didn’t last very long, and they split in a split.

Her Social Media

The young model isn’t accessible on social media platforms other than Instagram as well as TikTok. Particularly on Instagram she writes about her life as well as career as well as other topics of her interests.

Silvana engages with her followers through Instagram and keep them informed on a regular basis. Silvana has joined Instagram in February of 2012. The hot model recently boasts more than 250k fans to the Instagram account.

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