computer keeps crashing when playing games update { nov 2023 }

Computer keeps crashing while playing games

Why do people become addicted to the computer after playing for a few minutes?

Many of us have faced this problem when while starting the game, after a few minutes, let’s say 5 minutes, the computer automatically crashes.

So I searched on the internet what caused this problem and how to fix it. But I couldn’t find the right solution in one place.

I collected information about why computers crash after a few minutes of gaming and tried to fix them one by one. Let’s find out the reasons and how to deal with them.

The computer crashes after a sometime of gaming

Reasons and solutions for computer crashing after playing for 5 minutes.

  1. Your graphics card is damaged. The fans were the first to leave. When you play games, your GPU is under pressure. If your GPU reaches 100 degrees Celsius, your graphics card will overheat and your PC will shut down.


To resolve this issue, you need to monitor the GPU temperature. Make sure it is not too hot. If you notice that your GPU is constantly overheating, increase the chassis airflow. This can be done by replacing the chassis or adding cooling fluid.

  1. Your PC does not have enough processing power. The power supply cannot support the computer when it is under stress.


If you want to play at high volumes, make sure you have at least a 500+ watt power supply. Also try to get a Silver+ certified power supply. This way, you can make the most of your energy and save on electricity bills.

  1. There is a RAM problem or you do not have enough or recommended RAM to play the game.


Always make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements for the game you are trying to play. I always try to follow the recommended system requirements to keep the game safe. Increase your RAM as much as you can afford. Don’t use cheap RAM, try to buy branded gaming RAM.

  1. Drivers and software are no longer updated.


The solution to this problem is simple. Simply check for outdated drivers and update them if necessary. If you’re using an Nvidia GPU, update your drivers for GeForce Experience occasionally. If you are using an AMD GPU, update the driver from AMD software.

  1. There is a problem with the hard disk drive (HDD). The problem mainly occurs with the hard drive. SSDs are much more reliable for gaming.


Most hard drives have a fixed timeline. Like a rotor disc that will wear out within 3 years. Additionally, speed is limited. When playing competitive games, you’ll need a lot of firepower in the warehouse department. SSD is the solution to this problem. Try using NVME or SATA SSD to improve your gameplay. You can get better FPS and reduce stuttering in SSD games.

  1. Your computer fails to overclock.


Do not overclock without liquid cooling if you attempt to do this. Overclocking is not always a good solution to speed up or improve performance when playing games. Try to avoid overclocking or overloading your hardware if you can use normal hardware settings.

Computer freezes while playing games, does not overheat

Sometimes your computer crashes suddenly. As I was playing God of War on PC and exploring different worlds, suddenly the entire system crashed. The computer restarts. After booting, I immediately checked the CPU and GPU temperatures. But everything is nominal.

My computer freezes without overheating when I play games. A similar incident also happened while playing Alden Ring. Then I found the reason for this sudden failure and fixed the problem. Now let’s get straight to the point.

There are many factors that cause a computer to crash while playing games, even if it is not too hot. It depends on the version you are using, the environment you are in, etc.

Power Supply Unit (PSU) Failure:

The PSU leaves you with less power when gaming with graphically intense scenes. The more realistic the graphics, the more power the GPU will consume, so more power must be transferred from the main power line to the GPU through the power supply.

Therefore, if the power supply cannot provide enough watts, the computer will stop working and restart. It seems that your GPU is only causing harm indirectly: it is trying to consume power up to its rated capacity, but the power supply cannot provide it. Accident!

So, all you need to do is make sure that you are using the recommended 600+W power supply for your GPU. Using bronze, silver, gold and platinum certified power supplies will also help you avoid situations like this.

Directx version issues:

DirectX version plays a major role in the crash. Make sure you are using the correct version of DirectX for your game. If your game works fine with an older version of DirectX, you may need to downgrade it some time.

Other possibilities and diagnosis:

These possibilities should be ruled out, even if the components involved are unlikely. I want to download HWMonitor and check the output voltage of my power supply, as well as make sure the CPU and GPU temperatures match the numbers I get from the motherboard BIOS UI.

You also want to make sure that the motherboard is not overheating the CPU cores, the DRAM speed is correct, and the DRAM voltage is correct.

To make sure my DRAM isn’t causing problems, I also ran MemTest86 and HDTune to check the status of your hard drive.

PC games crash without any errors

PC games always crash due to hidden reasons. But it is annoying to see the game crashing without any error message. You need to figure out what went wrong that caused the system to crash without notice. But I am here to tell you what you can do if your PC game crashes without any error.

To troubleshoot XMP or OC problems:

Download Prime95 first

Select “Stress Test Only”

Select “Large FFT”

Let it run for 1-30 minutes and keep an eye out for any text saying “Fatal error…”. Or other strange error messages.

If this happens, it may be a sign that you are having RAM problems.

What worked for me was to go into BIOS and disable my XMP. Turns out my RAM and motherboard were not designed for overclocking.


Game crashes while playing games can be painful and annoying. You should always keep an eye on third-party software to see if it interferes with your gameplay.

This game is designed to be fun and fill your free time. However, if the problem gets worse due to an accident, you will have to fix it first. We hope this help article helps you resolve your issue.

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