Cole Bennett Brother? Biography, Net Worth, News, Height, and Girlfriend

Cole Bennett Brother

When life hands you lemons, can you make lemonades? What else can life give a person to make an lyrical lemonade? Lemonade is sharp and tongue-y, but it has all the subtleties of music. Lyrical Lemonade is actually a business that focuses on multimedia, including the creation of music videos and unique content, live shows and so on. It is home to a variety of amazing musicians and music enthusiasts who are awed by its innovative and unique method of music. When anyone considers Lyrical Lemonades, a particular person is immediately in mind, and it’s not other than Cole Bennett.

Bio (Age) – Who Is Cole Bennett?

Cole Bennett is the founder of the music industry giant Lyrical Lemonade. He’s also a renowned creative director of video. To learn more about this business executive with a savvy we must look back to the very beginning.

The story began on the 14th of May of 1996 in Chicago as a young kid was born. When he was a student in grade school He bought a CD which sparked his interest in the rap genre. This CD was Get Rich or Die Trying by 50 Cent. Then he came across coincidence, and this love brought him close to Chicago. He started attending every music show Chicago could offer, and by the time he was in high school it was a real addiction to it.

Lyrical Lemonade began as a blog in the year Cole entered his final year of high school. The blog was used to share stories of the seemingly insignificant music-related numbers that he saw within the city of Chicago. He posted on the blog each day and wrote approximately five posts a each day. After graduation, the man was raised at home in Plano Illinois and moved to Chicago to pursue a degree at a university.

His Net Worth

According to an article on the Forbes list, the young music director is worth around $1.5 million. This isn’t a surprise considering the many opportunities for creativity in his business of lyrical lemonade. Ceteris paribus, the number is expected to grow even more as he continues shooting engaging videos.

Family and Other Facts

Over the course of time all songs and music video Cole recorded were made in his mother’s home. This is a testament to the love and support that he received from her and the contribution she made to make Cole the star that he is today.

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