Britt Barbie Mall Fight Video: Latest Urgent Updates!

Britt Barbie Mall Fight Video

This rising online star was recently a viral sensation in Twitter and Reddit over the weekend, after she was involved in an altercation between a couple of strangers.

Britt Barbie decided to talk to the issue via an TikTok video and ignored the hateful comments on social media and trolling.

Britt Barbie Mall Fight Video Goes Viral

Last weekend, a mall fight video featuring Britt Barbie and an unidentified couple became to the top of the charts on Reddit as well as Twitter.

In the brief 21-second clip viewers will be able to see Britt Barbie and a bunch of friends walking past an unknown couple in a mall. The TikToker is seen swiftly changing direction after the man appears to make a comment then she continues to walk towards the two.

The woman in the group begins to approach Britt Barbie, and the two ultimately get involved in an altercation. Britt Barbie falls and slips onto the floor in the midst of the argument. It is unclear what caused the incident to the short altercation, or the extent to which Britt Barbie is aware of the people passing by.

Tiktoker Responds To Viral Clip

After the clip became viral on Twitter this weekend Britt Barbie reacted with an TikTok video. The famous TikToker with more than 2.4 million followers, shared the 13-second clip.

In the clip, Britt Barbie simply shares some of the comments she received from online trolls. A few of them included “you don’t have the right to engage in a fight” “you were dragged” and “that girl slapped you.”

Even with all of the negative feedback, Britt Barbie doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the issue. TikToker TikToker was seen smiling and dancing in the track “I Don’t Care”.

When asked about it Britt Barbie replied: “There are a lot of things that people do not realize that I will be speaking about when the opportunity is presented.”

Who Is Britt Barbie?
Britt Barbie is a popular social media star and singer who is currently rising to fame. She makes lip-sync videos as well as challenges. She also uploads dance videos in her TikTok profile.

The TikTok star first became famous following a viral video in which she sang the catchy tune: “Period Ahh, Period Uhh.” was made viral. Barbie’s original video she uploaded has gained more than 10 million views. It has played an essential role in the promotion of her online content as well as advancing her career.

This is a wildly popular contest to be completed on TikTok. Celebrities and influencers like Chloe Bailey have also performed the challenge in recent weeks.

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