website review April 2023

Today, there are thousands of online stores that claim to provide many different products. While some websites prefer to deal in one-range products, others offer an array of items. One of these site is

Today, we will expose this site. We will examine how authentic this site by writing an cerebralicas critique.

What exactly is the purpose of website?

The website deals with women’s shoes However, the website interface is not fully functional. The folks who are from in the United States are eagerly waiting to know more about this site.

Specifications on this website

  • Domain verification date- 21/02/2022
  • Phone number Unavailable
  • Physical addressnot listed
  • Transportation cost- Not disclosed
  • Support email for serviceNot mentioned
  • Estimated delivery period- No information
  • Return and exchange timeIt is not yet published
  • Policy on refundsnot mentioned
  • Newsletter- Provided
  • Links to social mediaInformation is not available
  • Pay method- – Visa, stripe PayPal, Stripe

The positive aspects are evident on the website of brainicas

  1. Site’s links are HTTPS locked.
  2. Newsletter feature is available through the website for the latest news and special offers.

The negative aspects of this site

  1. Uncertain about the web site’s offerings.
  2. I’m not sure if the website is available to the United States.
  3. The entire site’s interface is unreadable, and no page has any information.
  4. The site’s guidelines and specs are not there.
  5. Customers are not able to reach support in urgent circumstances.

Evidence to show that is authentic or fake

  • Domain registration dateThe domain name was confirmed on the 21st of February, 2022.
  • Date of expiration for domainthe domain ‘s validity will expire after 21 February 2023.
  • Accuracy of addressThere is no information on the physical location or pin code for the area is available on the web site.
  • Score of the Trust IndexIt has earned an 1% trust score.
  • The Trust Index rankIt has reached 38.6 percent.
  • Customer feedbackReviews are not posted on the site.
  • Discounts and dealsThere are currently there are no products available on the website
  • Connectivity to social mediaThis website is not available for any other social media platform.

Commonly asked questions regarding this site

Is Brainicas a scam?

This website is a fraud.

Is this site is fake?

It’s a fake website is a fake.

Are the website authentic?

This site is not authentic..

Are you sure?

We’re sure that this website isn’t secure..

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