Barney the Dinosaur Murdered : What Really Happened?

Barney the Dinosaur Murdered

Every now and again there’s an odd, child-centered trend appears on TikTok without reason. Most instances are dark and usually are linked to the death of a character. It’s like we’re never enough of the bizarre theories regarding characters. At first, Dora the Explorer was suffering from the same issue and it’s now the much-loved Barney the Dinosaur.

On the 12th of October, the 12th of October 2009, a documentary”I Love You, You Hate Me” came out through Peacock. US streaming service Peacock is believed to be exposing the dark side of the Barney scene since the beginning of the 1990s in the early years. The documentary examines Barney’s rise and decline as well as the violence that people’s disdain for Barney was thought to be the reason for. It’s a bit weird for me, too.

The story is a factor which has led TikTokers to conclude that Barney was murdered a while in the past. I’d like to make sure that all to keep in mind that Barney was an imaginary character from a real children TV show. Based on that what transpired to Barney who passed away? What was the reason for researching this story initially?

Following the popularity of BarneyMania the purple-colored dinosaur became controversial in the US in the second half in the 90s. People were furious about the way he seemed in a position to cause annoyance. In the film the character the character was acquiescing to threats to kill him.

“I started to receive emails.” actor Bob West explained. “Some are horribly horrible. They were brutal and unrestrained. They later declared that they would to search me and were planning to bring me to the grave. ”

In the report published by Independent One, an Independent One man recorded an at-home video that illustrates how he “stabbing” Barney, along with other coworkers. They were all part of The New York City Police Department. In the meantime, TikTokers are Googling “what happened to Barney his Dinosaur? ” and are getting the first results.

It’s correct… Are you able to believe that there was a possibility that the New York City Police Department actually killed Barney in a gruesome final episode? Of course it isn’t true. This show is designed toward KIDS. Christ.

The video shows people “stabbing” in the inflated dinosaur parade. The truth is that they are “stabbing” him as the lamppost where he was sitting fell and scared children out to the point of death. They tried to drag the man down to his feet. The lamppost was 58 feet high and was ripped by the winds. It could have been an accident of a different kind. accident.

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