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Balamani Amma

Nalapat Balamani Amma was a famous Indian writer, who is popularly referred to for her work as Amma (Mother) as well as Muthassi (Grandmother) in Malayalam poems. Some of her writings that have been praised by the masses includes Muthassi as well as Mazhuvinte Katha.

Amma had a full and happy life and inspired a number of writers who found her an inspiration. It was also her daughter Kamala Das. Let’s explore the various stages that she went through in her lifetime.

Know Balamani Amma’s Birth

Balamani Amma was born when India was under the control of the Britishers Her date of birth was 19th July, 1909. The name of her mother was Nalapat Kochukutti amma. her father’s name is Chittanjoor Kunhunni Raja.

In addition, Balamani came from a humble background. Her family was from Punnayurkulam, Ponnani taluk, Malabar District.

Her Personal Life and Marriage

Balamani Amma had no formal education. Yet, regardless she was a strong believer to poetry. Moreover, her maternal uncle Nalapat Narayana Menon and his companion Vallathol Narayan Menon were two of her strong influences.

Nalapat had a library which was a great source to her knowledge. Nalapat has been described as a poet of lyric who writes to express the joy of singing by many prominent writers.

Amma married V.M. Nair at the age of 19. In the beginning, Nair worked as the managing director and editor at Mathrubhumi. Then, he was an executive at an auto manufacturer. Nair was subsequently killed in 1977..

Who is there in the family of Amma’s?

As we have discussed, Balamani Amma belonged to a humble family. His maternal uncle Nalapat Narayana Menon was a major driver behind her choices in career. While she didn’t receive a formal education but her uncle was sure that she was a well-read.

Amma got married to V.M. Nair at the age of 19. She was married to an old man, but he ensured that Amma has all the time to finish her poems.

When did She Breathe Her Last?

Amma lived an extremely long and fulfilled life. She was inspired to follow her heart every day of her life. Her great-grandfather was her guiding force and when she married she was able to receive exactly the same encouragement from her husband.

Balamani Amma’s date of death was on 29 September 2004, and her age at the time she died passing away was 95. She was battling Alzheimer’s disease for 4 years before passing away. Additionally, she was buried with full state respects.

Final Thoughts

The story was about Amma the famous Malayalam poetess and writer. She has been a major contributor to the literary culture of the region and is frequently considered an inspirational figure. Read her writings We highly recommend it!

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