Ashley Reeves Case Must See 2023 Update

Ashley Reeves

Sam Shelton, a relatively unknown American teacher, made headlines like Kylie Strickland with his horrific act.

Who is Sam Shelton?

He had been working as her teacher since 2001 when Ashley was 18 years old; their love story began shortly thereafter in 2006.

Sam Shelton is currently in police custody, so it is impossible to learn about his family background or other details. Prior to the unfortunate incident, Sam worked as a physical education teacher at a local high school.

Who is Ashley Reeves?

Ashley Reeves was born in 1983 in Belleville, Illinois to Tracy Green Koenig (a musician) and Michelle Reeves (an actress). Along with Ashley, their family includes Madison Koenig and Daniel Koenig; each named after famous people in history.

Ashley attended a local high school, and according to her family she wanted to complete graduation in Millstadt, Illinois.

Ashley Got Emotionally Attached To Her Teacher

Ashley became emotionally attached to her teacher Sam Shelton when she was a teenager. Their relationship became tense and eventually the two started fighting; Samson attempted to murder Ashley Reeves but managed to escape – an accomplishment which should be counted among Ashley’s many blessings.

The Incidents on the Day

On April 17, 2006, Ashley was going to a job interview and then playing basketball – or so her parents thought. At least that is what she told them about the schedule. Ashley’s boyfriend Jeremy was with her at that time and it was with him that Ashley headed off for basketball practice.

Ashley’s sister Casey whom she used to text often also did not receive any response from Ashley’s side. After much stress and worry, Michelle filed a missing file report with St. Clair county police.

What Happened to Sam Shelton?

Police took Sam into custody for further questioning. At first, Sam was polite and cooperative but eventually his statements changed and became incoherent. Initially, he claimed no intimate relationship with Ashley but eventually admitted they were physically engaged.

Sam claimed he wanted to end their relationship, but other sources indicated it was Ashley who desired this outcome.

Where is Sam Shelton Now?

After his failed attempt to murder Ashley, Sam went line dancing. Despite the brutality of his murder attempt, police officials did not consider him the primary suspect; however, later it was established that he was the last person who made contact with Ashley prior to being taken away.

After much cross-examination, Shelton’s true intentions emerged. Despite pleading for mercy from the bench of judges, Shelton was found guilty.

Suicide Attempt

Shortly after Shelton was released on bail, his mother informed the police of his plans to commit suicide. Shortly before appearing in court, Shelton attempted to end his life by taking prescription drugs.

Shelton may have given up hope of survival when he wrote “do not resusitate” on his chest. After being revived, Shelton became indignant at the reality of what had occurred.

What Happened to Ashley Reeves After the Incident?

Ashley suffered severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. Fortunately, she wasn’t paralyzed. Due to these severe wounds, Ashley had to relearn how to eat, speak and use her limbs again.

At one point, doctors were doubtful that Ashley would make it. Yet this strong fighter has defied all odds with her strong will and confidence – an inspiration to us all.

Left for Dead: A Real-Life Story Based on Ashley Reeves’ Incident

In 2021, a movie was made based on Ashley Reeves’ true life story called Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story. Running one hour 27 minutes long, it meticulously portrays each moment of abuse Ashley suffered at the hands of her teacher – including sexual assault and abandonment – before leaving her to die from all that torture. Everyone was horrified to witness how her teacher repeatedly sexually assaulted her, then left her brutally torture her until death took her away.

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