Review: Genuine? Is an AnnieCloth Scam or Legit? Review

You must be here because you are looking for AnnieCloth reviews to know if is a scam or legit and what really is, right? Hopefully you’ll find answers to your questions here in AnnieCloth’s FAQ. So let’s start our research on Annie Material.
In fact, we do not recommend buying anything from AnnieCloth’s online store because AnnieCloth does not seem to be a safe website for online shopping. Why? The reasons can be found below.

We do not write to Annie Fabric for the following reasons:

  • Annie Fabric gives the name and address of its parent company as “A&KE Restricted, 108e, Wellspring Court, Victoria Square, Victoria Road, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, Joined Realm AL1 3TF” on its “help” page. However,’s WHOIS records show the name of the parent company as CHICV Worldwide HOLDING held in Hong Kong. At this point, it appears that Annie Material lied about her organization’s location and registered name. You can also find great online stores like Jodimitty and others. owned by CHICV Worldwide HOLDING Limited and A&KE Limited. It also shows that the owner of A&KE Restricted and CHICV Global HOLDING Restricted is the same person who owns some dangerous websites. This is an important tip to avoid the AnnieCloth online store.
  • These color specifications are based on several photos uploaded to the website. In many cases, online stores cut quality orders because they don’t post pictures of the original product. They generally compare the tasteful pictures from different websites without any doubt. As a result, the original color scheme was changed to make it difficult for copyright holders to copy the images.
  • You can find many complaints from AnnieCloth customers about more dirty products that seem to be different from what they recommend on their website. Customers have also complained about the delivery time, customer service and the discount system that is not necessary for you to get a discount. There aren’t many good things to say about Annie Fabric, but there are plenty of complaints. Every organization has obstacles, but if the number of complaints overwhelms the proper investigation, it is always better to avoid organizations like this. In any case, there is nothing if the premises are used in A&KE Restricted and CHICV Global HOLDING Restricted.
  • does not live up to expectations. In this way, when you shop on this site, you can receive your information and payment, for example your Mastercard information.

For the reasons mentioned above, we do not have Annie Fabric. However, to claim your rate on, please go ahead and leave your comment below.

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