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Angelina Chavez Torres

Who is Angelina Torres? What caused her death?

After watching the movie “Christmas with you,” viewers are curious to find out that the name Angelina Torres appears at the close of the film and also the director who gives the credits! The first name mentioned in the credits includes Angelina Torres prompting the whole film in her honor. The citizens from their home country of the United States are keen to find out who she is? Angelina was the mom of the film’s producer, who committed the entire film, after she was taken to a paradisiac home before the release of the film.

“Christmas with You” is an upcoming romantic comedy film which was released in the year 2020. The story centers on an entrepreneur who is successful named Katherine who is charged with planning a Christmas celebration to her employer. While she is on the way, she encounters an attractive man known as Jack and they develop a bond when they collaborate to organize the event.

Michael Torres is credited as one of the film’s producers. As the producer, he’d be responsible for managing various aspects of the film’s production. This included getting funding, hiring the crew members and cast members, and overseeing the day-today operations of the production. He could also have was involved with other aspects related to the film’s creation like the writing and editing process.

Angelina Torres Biography | Who is She

Angelina Chaves Torres is the mother of well-known German actor Michael Torres. She was born on the 2 2nd September 1938. She was born on the 2nd October 1938 in Arizona within America. United States. Her birth parents were parents Soledad and Octaviano. She has 10 siblings comprise 2 sisters and eight brothers. In addition, she entered into marriage to German Toress. The couple had six children, including five daughters and one Son Michael Torres.

She died in the aged of 81 on the 24 the July, 2020. The cause of her death was not made public by her family members, therefore it is believed that it was a natural demise related to aging or health problems. Michael Torres depicted his immense affection for his mother in an emotional post via his Instagram social account, paying tribute to his mother Angelina.

Angelina Torres Instagram Funeral and Details of the funeral:

Angelina Chavez Torres has been an active search on various social media platforms. people are curious to know more about her persona after she was named the first first named person in the credit in the Netflix film “Christmas with you.” It was Michael Chavez who committed his film to be tribute to the mother of her daughter Angelina to show her affection.

The funeral for Angelina Torres was held on 5 5 August 2022. the family members and friends offered their support and offered prayers for her soul. The members of her family including her daughters Michael and her grandkids attended the funeral service. She will forever be to her loved family members due to the positive attitude she brought into the lives and lives of family members.

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