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February. 02, 18


Know how BrandYou created a successful online presence for SubhLagan, a matrimonial service website, and increased their social outreach.

About the Client

SubhLagan is a matrimonial service which caters exclusively to the Marwari, Agrawal, Jain, and Maheshwari communities across the world. The company has a long history as reputed match-makers of the Marwari sect and are popular throughout the globe for their professional yet personalised approach.

What were the Client’s Requirements?

SubhLagan wanted to develop an online presence without deviating their approach of maintaining a personal touch with their clients. The idea was to create brand awareness through social media platforms which would make connecting and engaging with clients easier.
The objective of the client was to generate more leads through digital platforms and create a buzz about SubhLagan in the niche community.

BrandYou’s Strategic Solution

BrandYou started by creating a complete social media strategy that would take care of the key requirements of the client – brand recognition, digital presence creation, lead generation.

With this in mind, we first helped SubhLagan set up their social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to help them connect easily online with their clients.

Creative copywriting and engaging content was an asset in conveying their vision and mission to their niche audience. We also used images and videos from their client portfolio to ensure that a personal connect was maintained with the people visiting their pages. The traditions and culture native to the Marwari community were given added focus here, which assured the audience that SubhLagan had years of experience in the field and valued traditional practices.

BrandYou also promoted the client’s services on specific Marwari Facebook groups, which directed interested people to the Page and the website, thus increasing the brand reach.

To increase brand recognition and retention, both online and offline advertisements were used. In offline marketing, we also attended several Marwari events and personally promoted the SubhLagan brand.

The End Result

Brand reach through social media channels increased exponentially, with likes, followers, and shares growing day after day. Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram also yielded satisfactory results.

The lead generation campaign, which exclusively targeted their niche audience received tremendous response and achieved the necessary leads from within the community.

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