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February. 02, 18


Connecting to peers in the artistic world made easy for Sayeeda with BrandYou’s digital outreach strategy. Read to know how!

About the Client

Sayeeda is a soulful artist who endeavors to capture the simplicity of nature through her art. Her vision is to fill colour in the lives of people, literally and figuratively and make them happy. She has the knack of finding beauty in the smallest things in nature and then connecting them to pleasureable occurrences of every day. This connection is then brought to life on canvas through her paintings.

In addition to numerous solo shows and group exhibition in the past, her works are are available year around at SG Art Gallery in Inorbit Mall (Malad) and Infiniti Mall (Malad).

What were the Client’s Requirements?

As a part of increasing her digital outreach, Sayeeda wanted to revamp the look of her brand to highlight new paintings and painting techniques. She also required the website to be revamped so that further leads could be generated and new traffic would be directed to the website.

The website was also a medium to present her art and provide interested people with new and updated samples of her work. The online presence created a bond of trust between her and her clients by adding credibility and an online go-to address.

BrandYou’s Strategic Solution

BrandYou implemented several innovative ways of improving Sayeeda’s digital footprint. We created fun and engaging content that helped her sell her art by creating goodwill amongst her patrons.

We decided to publish a time-lapse video of her artwork creation process on her Facebook page which would give the audience a first-hand glimpse of her work procedure. We also created several vlogs about her paintings which were published regularly, directing YouTube traffic to the website.

To keep the audience invested in her work, we ensured that regular ‘work-in-progress’ or ‘behind-the-scenes’ updates were sent out to the audience, which added a personal touch to the communication.

We organized a series of lectures about the different techniques used in painting, to establish Sayeeda’s thought leadership in the field. In addition, each post was written to include a personal tidbit about the painter, so that people got to know the personality behind the artist and her dedication to her work.

We also organized numerous interactive contests and giveaways to connect with a wider audience and increase the reach.

The End Result</h4

The number of likes, followers, and shares increased tremendously through organic and paid campaigns. This resulted in increased traffic to the website which in turn contributed to the lead generation.

Offline support during exhibitions and at various art galleries was instrumental in leaving Sayeeda free to connect with customers, peers, and influencers, rather than managing the logistics of the exhibit.

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